what is dabbing

Cannabis extract is a type of concentrate created by using a solvent such as ethanol, propane, butane, and CO2 (supercritical carbon dioxide). Concentrate and extract are used interchangeably. However, not every concentrate is considered an extract, while all extracts are concentrates.

Cannabis extract

Cannabis extracts are a kind of cannabis concentrate made through different types of solvents. Cannabis concentrates are made after using a solvent and different mechanical processes.

In the process of extraction, different solvents are utilized to withdraw concentrated cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The solvent is vaporized or pulled away through a piece of specific machinery to get the cannabinoid-infused solvent that had been pulled out by using other chemicals from the plants in the early process. Ultimately, cannabinoids that are highly concentrated are left behind.

what is dabbing

Different kinds of cannabis extract are on the market.

The name of each cannabis extract is commonly given a name by its texture, ranging from a liquid oil extract to a crumbly, dry THC extract. Only some of the extracts were determined by the extraction process for their name.

Crumble – a crumbly and dry extract.

Wax – an extract with an especially stretch and sticky consistency.

Shatter – a crisp extract that has a texture that is easy to snap. 

Budder – an extract made with budder and butane. The texture is like butter after “whipped.”

Other extracts listed below are named from the extraction process. 

Live Resin

Live Resin is one of the latest extracts that popped up on the cannabis market. The difference between live resin and others is live resin is extracted from live and fresh plant life that gets frozen right after harvest. Please go to  ”What is Live Resin?” to get more information about live resin.

ISO Hash 

ISO Hash is an extract produced with a solvent such as ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) 

This extract is like its name, Bhutan is used as a solvent during the extraction process.


Tinctures are an extract. They use alcohol to extract very pure cannabinoids from the plants.

what is dabbing

The correct way to consume cannabis extracts

The majority of cannabis extracts need to be vaporized to consume also known as dabbing. You will need to set the nail into the dab rig, then place cannabis extracts in the nail that has been combusted. Once the piping hot nail evaporates the extract, the vapor will be pulled into the water pipe for the dabbers to inhale. So the dabber can get much pure vapor from the extracts.

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