“Dripp was founded in 2018 in Long Beach, California with the goal of providing a premium product for the true cannabis connoisseur. Since then, Dripp has become an award winning concentrate brand; with first place finishes in High Times and The Farmer’s Cup. Dripp features artisan quality extracts that contain terpene profiles and taste that are true to the strains that they grow.”


Dripp prides itself on only using the highest quality live plant material processed using state of the art extraction equipment and techniques. Dripp believes that modern cannabis culture is evolving in the way they consume the plant. It’s wide variety of flavors are available in several consistencies such as Diamonds, Badders, and Sugars in order to provide a diverse portfolio for every type of extract consumer. Whether you’re looking for a more potent high from our diamonds, a more taste oriented high from our Badders, or something that has the best of both with our sugar, you’ll find Dripp extracts smell and taste just like flavors of the source strain.

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