Our Goal

To take flower a step further and enable the numerous cannabinoid components to be expressed in a way that truly captures their astounding qualities. We’ve spent countless hours determining which approach honors this incredible plant appropriately. From the nostalgic aromas, the awe-inspiring aesthetics, to the miraculous effects, it has been our goal to accurately capture those aspects. All of our products are refined with an incredibly precise series of procedures which yield the finest results. The Dripp mentality is one that emphasizes craftsmanship and efficiency in all processes regardless of their magnitude. We understand the significance of a product’s quality, consistency, and presentation. However, what truly sets our team apart is the ultimate dedication towards shaping a better cannabis market and leaving every buyer a happy consumer. The Dripp approach is one of innovation which progresses towards perfection. We are committed to adhering to the highest standards when it comes to product development and our company conduct.

Considering that we are true connoisseurs, we’ve seen nearly every rendition of what the industry has to offer. Many of those products fell short of capturing the aromatic components, potency, purity and robust terpene profiles. We feel that our interpretation of concentrates honors cannabis ideally and are confident you’ll share the same sentiment.