Our Story

Our origins as a company are much like the roots of the plants that we derive our extracts from, they are far reaching and deeply entrenched within the cannabis industry. For over a decade, our founders have experienced the diversity of various cannabis plants, engaging in both cultivation and procurement all overNorthern California. Particularly areas such as Spyrock, Shasta, Redding, Garberville, Willits, Laytonville, Ukiah, and Santa Rosa. We have garnered a deep understanding of the various types of soil diversity that our beautiful state has to offer.

Initially our sole focus was on the plant’s flower and buds, then we came to see that most of the farmers we interacted with had one thing in common, they would discard the remainder of the plant material after harvesting the flower. This made us realize how much more we could expand on in the industry. Subsequently, we ventured into the relatively uncharted area of BHO extraction.

Our technological and methodical successes have provided us with unique in sight into the various possibilities and limitations of cannabis extraction.

It wasn’t long until we realized that the plant can be flash-frozen immediately after harvest. This made a tremendous impact on a product’s flavor based on the plant’s terpene content. Once we began to fully make use of the fresh frozen material, it became apparent that the yielded products were superior in quality and flavor. It was as if we were discovering fire, the tremendous improvements became immediately evident. Upon refining the extraction process, we became determined to create the ideal extract for every consumer’s unique palette.

While reminiscing about the good ol’ days, we fondly remember the journey. From the first SpiritAir flight directly into Santa Rosa, to driving on the 101 freeway lined redwoods as far as the eye could see, the memories are still crystal clear. Even meeting at the landmark Mobil gas station in Laytonville before heading up the mountain seems like yesterday. While passing through the hallmark movie towns and avoiding the traps due to the rapidly changing speed limits, sometimes it was so foggy that you could barely see past the hood of the car. Despite the inclement weather from time to time, we would make the trek through the Spyrock mountains scattered with gated farms. On occasion we would get stuck traversing through properties and met by curious farmers wondering what the hell was going on. Although it was often treacherous, we wouldn’t trade those times for the world because they made us who we are.