The Dripp mentality is one that emphasizes craftsmanship and efficiency in all processes regardless of their magnitude. We understand the significance of a product’s quality, consistency, and presentation. However, what truly sets our team apart is the ultimate dedication towards shaping a better cannabis market and leaving every buyer a happy consumer. The Dripp approach is one of innovation that progresses towards perfection. We are committed to adhering to the highest standards when it comes to product development and our company conduct. 

Dripp Extracts offers the best cannabis vaporizers in the cannabis market. Efficiency offering options include long-lasting effects, no smell, and less loss of cannabinoids and terpenes that get lost when burning flowers. This is also different from traditional smoking devices (like pipes or bongs) in the sense that the concentrate is heated, not burned.

When the concentrate is heated in the vaporizer, the active terpenes and cannabinoids are turned into vapor, not smoke. Almost every vaporizer uses a heating method to reach an internal heat range, which is right under the level of combustion. Smoking vapes is an efficient and practical way to smoke compared to flower because smoking can often burn off a majority of the minor cannabinoids and terpenes found in flower. The quality of vapes can differ greatly depending on the manufacturer, which is why Dripp Extracts offers only the highest quality weed vapes on the market. 

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