A homogenous blend of cannabinoids and naturally derived, live resin terpenes, whipped to a texture somewhat resembling cake batter, and Dripp may have the top badder 2023.

The Dripp mentality is one that emphasizes craftsmanship and efficiency in all processes regardless of their magnitude. We understand the significance of a product’s quality, consistency, and presentation. However, what truly sets our team apart is the ultimate dedication towards shaping a better cannabis market and leaving every buyer a happy consumer. The Dripp approach is one of innovation that progresses towards perfection. We are committed to adhering to the highest standards when it comes to product development and our company conduct. 

Marijuana badder is also called “batter” sometimes––but it isn’t cake batter––it’s a highly concentrated cannabis material that was named after its soft texture, and resemblance to thick frosting. The highest quality cannabis badder is typically gold or warm yellow in coloration and is known for its CBD and THC levels. The way the badder is extracted will play a big part in the appearance of the badder, some are softer and stickier, while other badders might have more bumps that are similar in texture to concentrate crumbles.  Badder concentrate that has been created from higher quality cannabis will most likely have a brighter color and potent flavors. Dripp extracts has the best badder concentrates in California, taste test guaranteed. 

Badder concentrate is created from agitating and extracting the THC materials from cannabis with a chemical solvent. This is what causes consistency, potency, and texture. There can be a wide range of textures or consistencies of wax batter, but Dripp produces and sells only the top cannabis badder.

What is badder?

Badder is a type of cannabis concentrate, and is one of the best concentrates 2023. Batter wax usually classified by its thick, whipped, batter-like consistency. Badders’ characteristics can be described as thick and sticky, often classified under cannabis wax, and badder concentrate has a color and texture will vary depending on the strain involved, extraction method used, and the variables therein. 

Is there a difference between batter, budder and badder?

Badder, budder, and cannabis batter are relatively similar and often interchanged with each other. You may even find them for sale next to each other at a dispensary, but essentially they are the same thing. Their colors and consistencies may vary due to the variables involved during the extraction and production process, but there is no real difference. Any differences in potency as well will come down to the individual batches and the variables involved. 

How to use budder?

Budder can be used in a couple different ways, but by far the most popular and recommended would be smoking it VIA a dab-rig. A dab-rig can usually be found for sale in a smoke shop and like a bong, it too is a water pipe. This water pipe however has a “nail” instead of a “bowl” but works much in the same way. The nail resembles a bucket of sorts, in which you place a very small amount of your budder extract. You don’t need a lot because the nature of extracts is to be incredibly potent. This potency is usually marked at about 3 times the normal potency that a regular smoking session might grant you. Because of this, dabbing extracts is usually best for long time smokers who need the extra kick, or for people who want to smoke less, or less often, be it for medical reasons or otherwise, but who still want to feel the effects of cannabis. 

That being said, you have to heat up the extract in the nail with a hand torch or something with similar fire power, because the extract needs to reach higher temperatures in order to ignite and vaporize. Once this is accomplished you inhale on the mouthpiece which sucks in the vapors through the water pipe. Before you inhale the vapors into your mouth however, you may want to pause for a moment to allow the vapors to have a chance to cool before you breathe it into your body. This is because the smoke may reach higher temperatures and it can hurt and sometimes damage your body if inhaled too quickly. On this note, do not touch the nail until you are sure it has cooled to a safe temperature.

Another way you can use Badder would be to top off a regular bowl with a small dab (called a badder dab) and use a torch to light it. This will add potency to your session, however because extracts are prone to flare-ups it’s best to keep an eye on it in case it decides to compost more than expected and keep your face, hair and anything else away from the bowl when lighting it. If this happens simply stop what you’re doing and blow it out. 

Because Badder is wax-like by nature, it can be used in a joint to line and seal it better while also adding extra potency. When applying it to the joint however, be sure to apply an even coating to help minimize and avoid any unwanted side burning or unexpected flare ups. As always only a very small amount of Badder should be used, because it’s already overpowered by itself. 

How to make budder wax?

Budder is a cannabis concentrate made through the use of a solvent such as butane, water, or even alcohol. The cannabis is first completely soaked in the solvent and then that solvent is extracted from the plant by CO2. This process is done in order to take the properties of the plant such as terpenes and cannabinoids and extract them from the plant and make them into a smaller concentrated form. Once separated from the plant matter, the extract oil must be purged of any unwanted remaining chemicals. This is accomplished by heating the extract oil to 100 degrees for an extended period of time. This agitates the oil resulting in the cannabis concentrate known as Budder wax. 

What are budder dabs?

Budder dabs are essentially what they sound like. A dab pertaining to budder and cannabis extracts in general has taken on two meanings. “Dab” meaning a small amount, and “dab” or “dabbing” meaning the act of smoking a small amount of extract. So a budder dab is a small, little dab of budder extract. It is called a dab because a small amount of extract goes a long way compared to smoking cannabis normally, as well as the dab-rig with which it is generally smoked with. 

How to store budder?

Budder can be stored in a number of ways. It’s best to keep it in the container it comes in, and store it in a cool dry place. Out of the sun, away from heat, and away from water.

Is Budder stronger than shatter?

Budder as well as other cannabis extracts are generally found to be three times as strong as cannabis buds comparatively. Concentrates have been claimed by some to cause more cerebral and or physical effects as opposed to their counterparts. 


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