how does live resin make you feel

Live resin is a relatively new type of cannabis concentrate that is swiftly becoming very well-known. Although this kind of concentrate is more and more popular, many people are still uncertain of what exactly makes live resin so special. Additionally, how do we consume this unique extract? We are going to address all of your questions regarding live resin’s features, how live resin makes you feel and what makes it different from other cannabis products.

Live resin – The latest cannabis concentrate with special properties.

  • Live resin is frozen right away after harvesting to preserve more terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids than other concentrates because it didn’t go through the cured and dried process.
  • Compared to other concentrates on the market, the freezing procedure can keep a significantly more flavor and fragrance.
  • The entourage effect is supported when these full-plant qualities are preserved.
  • You have the option of dabbing live resin, using a concentration vape pen to consume it, or mixing it with your bowls or joints.

how does live resin make you feel

What is live resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate produced by the cannabis plant that is flash-freezing right after being harvested. The extraction process preserves cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, resulting in rich, strong dabs. Depending on the different extraction manufacturers, you can find live resin that is slightly different in color and consistency. Typically, live resin has a texture that is a little bit sugary and buttery, and the color is in shades of golden honey. Live resin is frequently praised for having the ideal consistency, allowing for a smooth scoop that is neither too waxy nor too runny. For beginners, there is barely a learning curve to consuming live resin.

What is the purpose of live resin?

Live resin is known for its gently calming effect on several minor aches. Cannabis users typically prefer live resin for its effective effects on pain, tension, and nausea-relieving from head to toe by dramatically reducing joint and muscle inflammation. Live resin is more prominent for its anti-inflammatory effects than other cannabis products in general. Even though regular cannabis users build up their high tolerance for cannabis over time, live resin is still able to take away some of the pain.

Heavy Indica live resin strains can provide your mind and body with relaxation and heightened muscular and joint relief. Strong Sativa strains can boost your creativity and motivation. Whatever you typically use cannabis for, live resin can amplify it all and it is a fantastic alternative if your usual dosage of the flower isn’t working as well as it used to. Since live resin has unique strong effects, you should start slow with the smallest amount if it’s your first time trying live resin.

What makes live resin different?

  • Before the extraction procedure, the cannabis plant is held at extremely low temperatures (freezing) rather than getting dried and cured. Because of that, tenpence in the plants can be perfectly preserved to have a strong and flavorful profile.
  • Recently, cannabis researchers found that it appears that cannabis compounds interact with one another more effectively than they do separately. This shows the “entourage effect,” which occurs when all of the plant’s phytochemicals work together to provide a profound experience with an all-encompassing high. The entourage effect is dynamic in live resin since it maintains the properties of the entire plant.

How can you consume live resin?

  • Dabbing

Dabbing is the most common and often most effective way of consuming live resin. A dab tool, a torch or torch lighter, and a dab rig are needed for dabbing. With this approach, all you have to do is heat the rig nail where you put your dab and wait until becomes piping hot. Scoop a dab of live resin in your dab tool and turn off the heat. After placing the dab in the nail with the tool and wait for around 30 seconds then inhale. Even though it could take a few tries to get it right and with the ideal temperature, this approach produces an exquisite living resin with its full flavors and aromas. However, live resin from dabbing is strong, we recommend you to start with only a tiny dab and work your way up from there.

  • Vaping

You can also add a few dabs of live resin wax to your preferred concentrate vape pen if you don’t want to use a dab tool to enjoy live resin. Vape pens designed for concentrates can easily adapt to live resin. It’s better to use a dab tool to load them into a vape pen.

You can top off your bowls or fill your cannabis joints with a small amount of live resin if you don’t have a rig or a vape pen. Even though it looks nice, this isn’t the best way to use your live resin. Live resin is required at high temperatures to release the unique cannabis profile, that is the reason that a dab tool with torches is a great combination for dabbing.

Benefits of live resin

Live resin has a wide range of excellent advantages. In addition to being high in terpenes and THC, live resin offers therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Many users claim to experience euphoric surges, less tension throughout the day, and clearer thinking after just a few dabs of live resin. Live resin can also help with mood boosters, anxiety, sleep issues, body aches, addiction to drugs, and depression.

Side effects of live resin

Please be extra cautious of any possible side effects given by how strong live resin is. You may experience anxiety or discomfort if you have too much live resin or aren’t used to the effects. Some people also feel paranoid, have stomach discomfort, shakiness, dry mouth as well as anxiety attacks.

Drink lots of water, eat something healthy, or even take a shower if you suffer any of these side effects.

How does live resin make you feel?

We encourage you to try live resin and feel the unique cannabis profile that is different from other products. Please remember if you are trying our live resin for the first time, start slowly with a small amount and wait for 15-20 minutes before your next inhale. 

how does live resin make you feel

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