live rosin badder

Have you ever heard about a particular type of weed extract, live rosin badder? You might have or maybe not, but you may curious to know what live rosin badder is.

Regarded as pure weed, rosin is processed with heat and pressure. This solventless live rosin is more delicious than other THC concentrates. All other forms may have unnatural chemicals, while live rosin has the fewest, making it tasty and potent.

If you want to know more about this delicacy, read on to understand how to smoke and use it.

What Makes it Unique?

Live rosin wax is a solvent-free, concentrated type of weed. It is a delicious version of bubble hash that looks more like a thick, brittle toffee than translucent glass, distinguishing it from traditional shatter dabs. Production of live rosin has lower yields than solvent-based methods. It is uncommon in the modern marijuana market and requires more effort.

Rosin is much stronger than regular marijuana buds. You should vape rosin to enjoy its power to the fullest. Although there are many vaporization techniques, dabbing is the most popular one. There are good and bad ways to dab rosin. A cold start rig, such as the HAMR is the best of all.

Difference Between Live Resin and Rosin

Firstly, it’s important to distinguish between live resin badder and rosin. Although both words may seem confusing, like badder vs. budder, there are some key distinctions.

Live resin is made with butane hash oil. Since butane is used to make it, it can never be solvent-free. It is made from a fresh bud, and hence regarded as ‘live.’ The plant material is frozen after harvest and before processing. Terpenes and cannabinoids do not break down when frozen and thus live resin retains its fresh taste. However, it also tends to have a chemical aftertaste from solvents.

Live rosin, on the other hand, is completely solvent-free. Made with pressure and heat, it’s pure and chemical-free. Since live rosin is produced from flash-frozen buds, it contains all the terpenes without any unpleasant chemical tastes.

Difference Between Live Rosin and Rosin

The fact that rosin is not always live is a difference between rosin and live rosin. Rosin is made with pressure and heat after the flowers are dried. Known as full-melt bubble hash, this method yields crumbly, secure THC concentrates with high purity.

On the other hand, ‘live’ denotes that the cannabis used to create an extract was never dried and cured. The taste and aroma of the finished rosin are fresh, as it is frozen immediately after the harvest. Live rosin retains more flavor than regular rosin because the terpenes and cannabinoids in weed are inevitably lost during the drying process. As a result, live rosin is one of the most sought-after cannabis concentrates.

How to Use it

Rosin is undoubtedly the most delicious type of cannabis extract. It is better for the lungs than other hashes and waxes. Since rosin is more potent than marijuana bud, wasting the THC would be a shame. Using a top-notch dab rig to vaporize rosin is the best way to consume it.

How to Smoke it

It’s completely fine if you have never dabbed rosin before. Dabbing is nothing more than heating a THC concentrate and vaporizing it. This is made simple by a dab rig. A dab rig is a smoking tool that features a heatable nail-like surface and vapor.

How to Dab with a Rig?

To dab with a rig:

  • ‌Put the live rosin on the dab rig’s nail 
  • ‌Heat the nail for about 20 seconds with a butane torch
  • As the rosin evaporates and disappears, cover the mouthpiece with your mouth to inhale

The only tool you’ll require to smoke rosin is the HAMR. It is effective, portable and ideal for getting the most out of live rosin.

To smoke live rosin, a dab rig is not necessary. Other smoking methods for extracts include twaxing and edibles. However, dabbing stays effective as it keeps the vapor in place and gives you a potent hit. This is because it vaporizes the rosin instead of burning it. Dabbing produces a smoother hit while preserving the flavor and THC content.

If you smoke live rosin in any other way, you are burning the terpenes and cannabinoids, and inadvertently destroying the good stuff. This gives you a scorched taste.

Other Alternatives

You can enhance your smoking experience with twaxing. Mix your rosin (commonly known as badder wax) with a dry bud in a tool like a pipe for smoking it. Although it is not much effective, twaxing can prove to be a good stop-gap way. Some part of the rosin is burnt and destroyed, while the rest is lost into the air while twaxing.‌

Edibles are a more efficient way of consumption. Simply turn the rosin into butter and cook with it. Sweets such as brownies and candies are some of the primary examples. Remember, it is not necessary that the strong flavor of rosin always blends with your food. Irrespective of the rosin’s blending capacity in edibles, it has its own fanbase. 

How is it Made?

Let’s delve into the process of making live rosin step-by-step:

  • Marijuana plant leaves are cut down and removed
  • Its flowers are cropped and frozen immediately ‌
  • Frozen flowers are put in cold water and stirred heavily to get rid of the trichomes as they have the most terpenes and THC
  • The output water is filtered through finer and more finer mesh bags until the trichomes are removed, leaving only the bubble hash
  • Lastly, the bubble hash is dried in its frozen state and pressed with high power, joining it together to produce rosin

Is it Worth the Price?

The prices of live rosin are always higher compared to its counterparts. This is due to the time-consuming process that doesn’t generate enough concentrate to match with the solvent-based methods. Additionally, it requires more weed, leading to a price rise.

Live rosin is worth its price as smoking it or consuming badder dabs is powerful enough to get you high quickly. According to some manufacturers, live rosin’s potency ranges between 75% and 85% cannabinoid content, and 4% and 15% terpenes. This means a majority of rosin is pure cannabinoids like CBD and THC; and what remains are the terpenes, adding to its taste.

Other Benefits

Some of the other benefits of live rosin are listed as follows:

  •   ‌It is perfect for dabs due to its lower melting point
  •   ‌It is mostly handmade by manufacturers for quality
  •   ‌Being solvent-free, it’s best for use in medicines
  •  ‌ It has a similar flavor and effect like the cannabis plant

Finding the Best live rosin badder

You can now call yourself a rosin literate knowing what it is, how to make it and how to use it. It’s time to gain some experience on your own.

To get the best experience of consuming live rosin badder, trust Dripp Extracts. Our products are crafted with precision and innovation. We strive to offer you the most enjoyable escapade with our high-quality products and delicious flavors. Check out the different options!

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