You might have heard from someone’s experience or while scrolling through the price list at a dispensary about a distinctive kind of wax with a very unusual name and asked yourself, what is live badder? It belongs to the family of marijuana concentrates and is a pure delight to your taste buds.

If you are perplexed about budder vs. badder, badder meaning and how to consume it, we will decode it for you. There are a few ways of consuming it such as smoking, vaping and edibles. However, badder is at its best when consumed through dabbing.


A badder dab has a different taste from any other marijuana products you might consume. Live budder is delicious, is highly irresistible, and offers great benefits. It is known as one of the best concentrates of 2023. If you are curious to know what exactly budder is, how it is prepared, and how to smoke budder wax, you have landed on the right page.

Badder Weed

Badder weed is a cannabis concentrate and a very high-THC product. Bud budder is more efficacious than a fresh flower that you can have from a local pharmacy. Its smooth, butter-like texture gave rise to its name. Although you can use it in varied ways, unlike any cannabis concentrate, the most common way to use it is by ‘dabbing’ or vaporizing it.

Smoking Badder

A dab rig is the most accepted way to consume badder concentrate. There is another smoking technique called ‘twaxing’ in addition to dabbing. Let’s delve and examine each one in detail.

Dabbing Badder Wax

Dabbing is like vaporizing live badder on a heated surface called a nail. The rig itself might appear challenging to beginners who have never dabbed before. However, learning how to dab budder weed is not difficult.

To experience an excellent dab session, beginners need to double-check all the supplies by prepping in advance. In addition, with your budder weed, you need to gather your nail, torch and dab tool. To measure the optimal temperature, use a terp timer.

Once you have collected your supplies, you are ready to learn how to dab budder concentrate. First, prep your dab. Use the tool to draw a small quantity of the concentrate. Next, apply heat to the nail of your dab rig using a torch.

Don’t apply badder dab straight away. Let the nail cool down for several seconds. Once ready, take your dab tool and place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Put the dab to the nail and turn the tool as you pull some air into the rig. Remember to not inhale completely. Just draw in the smoke.

Once enough smoke is generated in the rig, you may start inhaling. As the badder is strong, you won’t need to hold the smoke for long. Exhale right after you pull in and enjoy.

Smoking Badder By Twaxing

Twaxing means smoking. In this process, you mix your bud badder with the dry herb. The budder gives the necessary kick to your smoke.

Remember one thing, as you are technically smoking the budder when you twax, you are burning your concentrate along with your buds. The smoke may go harsher and there is a risk of inhaling some particles. For a smooth, pleasant experience using the MAV bong is recommended. With this, the water drains unwanted particles keeping the smoke cool.

Here are some tips on how to smoke budder with twaxing.

Get your joint ready. Follow the usual process. Place your strain of marijuana in the rolling paper or bowl. Once you’ve ensured your buds are ready, draw a little quantity of your live badder and add it to the top. If you want to smoke a joint, roll it and twirl the end to complete it. 

After spicing up your badder weed, you can take your hit. However, this will be more intense. Light your joint, inhale it, and have an enjoyable experience

Making Wax

Similar to several other concentrates, a solvent is used to produce live bud badder. The solvent could be either butane or CO2, depending on the producer. The solvent is then put into a tank that is under pressure, where it gets converted from gas to liquid.

In the next step, the manufacturer loads the machine with raw marijuana buds. The liquid solvent is applied over the raw cannabis plant once the process starts. As it progresses, it extracts THC as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes. Meanwhile, the liquid is accumulating in a different machine chamber. To get rid of any remaining solvent, it is purged. The purging process distinguishes badder from other cannabis concentrates.


Badder is a concentrate that is frequently mistaken for crumble. Both concentrates are formulated using a similar yet different process which results in two unique products. Budder is stirred and blended like cake budder to incorporate air, whereas the mixing process for crumble takes place much more slowly. Hence, less air is trapped in it. Budder’s texture appears smooth and silky, whereas crumble is much drier and crumblier.


Another popular cannabis concentrate is shatter, which is a brittle, translucent product that breaks apart easily. If rightly removed, it appears like glass. Simply put, users must exercise caution. Shatter producers purge the concentrate under pressure and at low temperatures. Improper storage and contact with air could degrade the crystalline product, which can affect its strength and even turn it into badder.

Use of Badder Concentrate

Badder, like any other concentrate, is much stronger than typical cannabis flowers. In general, it can contain between 80% to 90% THC. That means you can get a rush even by consuming a small amount of it. It offers flavorful and pure smoke. You may also select your preferred texture.

Assessing the safety of badder dab

Live bud badder is much stronger than fresh cannabis flowers. However, extraction is a tricky affair as using butane as a solvent can pose problems if the manufacturer doesn’t do it correctly. Incorrectly purging the concentrate can leave butane behind, impacting health. Thus, knowing the manufacturer and dispensary is important.

Takeaway: Enjoy live badder

Live badder is one the most popular cannabis concentrates as it is smooth, easy to work with and offers both incredible flavors and intense strength. There are various options when it comes to smoking badder such as dab badder weed with a dab rig, or twax live bud badder in a joint or in the bowl of your pipe or bong.

If you are looking for a flavorful and pleasurable experience, look at the different badder options at Dripp Extracts. Our mixtures are carefully crafted and beautifully blended to offer you high-quality and mouth watering delicacies. Savor the fruity ones from the cherry bomb, sour berry and grape soda flavors, or pick the unique ones from papaya delight or kush mints. Check them out today!

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