hash oil

You may have heard the term hash oil in recent times. Hash oil or concentrated butane hash oil (BHO) has several other names, too. Some of them are marijuana wax, wax butter, honeycomb, budder, shatter, dab, oil, sap and amber. Its use is commonly referred to as dabs or dabbing.

There are different ways in which hash oil is made. When searching for how to make hash oil, you may come across a method called blasting. It is a dangerous method used to produce hash oil at home. This method is not recommended as the primary component, butane is flammable and volatile. Butane has been responsible for several fire and blast incidents in the country.   

What is THC?

Dabbing is a way of consuming the primary active, concentrated chemical of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hash oil is used in the process of producing concentrated THC.

There are several cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. These chemicals are responsible for making you high. THC is one of them. Traditional cannabis contains 10 percent to 25 percent of THC concentration. Some reports claim that hash oil contains around 80 percent of THC concentration.

Hemp and marijuana are different names of the cannabis plant. But they differ in their THC concentration. Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent of THC by dry weight. As the concentration level is low, hemp does not make you high. On the other hand, marijuana or weed contains more than 0.3 percent of THC by dry weight. Depending on the type of cannabis plant, THC content can be high or medium.  

It is obvious that cannabis strains with more THC are used for getting high. They are also used for medical purposes like relieving pain. Strains like cannabidiol, which are low in THC, do not make you high. Hemp crops are quick and sustainable to grow. They are used in making products such as paper, textiles, clothing, plastic and animal feed. You may have also seen food products such as hemp milk, hemp oil, hemp protein powder and hemp seed. Hemp seed is regarded as a nutritious product. It is high in fiber and complete in protein components.  

What is butane hash oil used for?

Hash oil has always been in the use. But its popularity has increased in recent times due to the liberalization of cannabis in the country. Being a relatively new method of consuming cannabis, many are unaware of how to use hash oil.

People often smoke or vape to consume cannabis. In such methods, the cannabis concentrates are heated and converted to vapors. However, this cannot be done with hash oil as heating will lead to a runny liquid. To overcome this, some people use a bong such as an oil rig.

Dabbing is known to be a safer way of consuming cannabis compared to a bong or smoke. This is because of the high potency of dabs. With dabbing, you may need to take a lesser quantity to get more high.

What are the short-term effects of hash oil?

When dabbing hash oil, one consumes a high level of THC. This may lead to some risks and harmful effects. Like any other drug use, it is important to be cautious while consuming hash oil.

Hash oil can have different effects on different people. It may also impact the same person differently on different occurrences. The impact depends on several factors. Some of them are the person’s health status, weight, personality and surrounding environments. The strength and quantity of the drug consumed play an important role, too. The effect changes based on how habituated the person is with the substance and what other drugs they mixed along with it.

When used in low or moderate quantities, cannabis consumption may lead to an increased appetite, dry mouth and increased sociability. The person may also feel euphoric and relaxed. Besides, they may get high and burst into spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter and excitement.

When a person consumes high-strength hash oil, it may lead to feeling restless, excited, relaxed and less nauseated. There may be some changes in their heart rate and blood pressure level. The person may have a reduced attention rate and decreased reaction time. They may be detached from reality and relieved from their pain. Besides, they may feel confused and anxious, which may even lead to panic and paranoia.   


What are the long-term effects of hash oil?

The effects of cannabis consumption do not stop in the short term. High frequency and increased concentration may lead to some long-term effects. This also depends on the way cannabis is consumed such as smoking the whole flower or vaping the concentrates.

Some of the long-term effects include an addiction to cannabis, high tolerance to its effects and decreased cognitive functions. It may even lead to an increase in the severity of withdrawal.

What are withdrawal symptoms?

For someone who has been heavily and regularly consuming cannabis for a long time, it becomes difficult to quit. Their body is used to the drugs and may react differently when the person suddenly stops using them. These reactions are known as withdrawal symptoms. They usually last for about seven days.

Some of these symptoms are irritability, sweating, chills, tremors and anxiety. The body may witness an upset stomach and loss of appetite. The person may also face sleep issues such as restlessness while sleeping and nightmares. Sleep troubles tend to last for a longer time than a week.

Where to find the best hash oil vape?

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