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With the overall growth that the marijuana industry has seen in the past two decades, not to mention the last few years with its legalization in multiple states, our favorite plant has gone through extensive research and testing revealing an endless plethora of implementations, extraction methods, and ways to enjoy it. The best part is we’ve hardly scratched the surface of all of the things this little plant can do, and whether you are brand new to the scene or a veteran, it can seem overwhelming. At one point or another you may have heard of badder, also referred to as budder or batter, and wondered what is cannabis badder?

Budder, badder, and batter are essentially synonyms for the same cannabis extract and many dispensaries and brands may classify them interchangeably. Even if a dispensary has badder and batter listed side by side, it’s essentially the same consistency, though the colors and flavor profiles may range depending on the marijuana used and the extraction method, as well as a plethora of other variables that may affect the physical outcome as well as the potency and flavor profile.

Badder is a type of cannabis concentrate, named for the texture and resemblance it has to cake batter. It generally has a softer and more malleable texture that can range in from saturated, to a damp wax like crumble depending on the variables during the extraction process. Because of such it can also vary in color from gold to amber and even green. The nickname budder came along due to the “BudderKing” who made an art out of the extraction process and began to popularize its production and sale in dispensaries.

The extraction process is implemented by way of either butane, water, or alcohol acting as a solvent in which the cannabis is soaked, then in order to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant the use of CO2 is administered to separate the chemical from the plant resulting in a highly concentrated form. To complete the extraction process the remaining liquid, very similar to THC oil, is heated to about 100 degrees fahrenheit to agitate the compounds and to help purge any remaining solvent by using the pressure of the heat to further refine the product. Once complete you are left with the waxy cannabis concentrate known as badder.

Like many other types of cannabis extracts and concentrates you can smoke badder by using a dab-rig. A dab-rig is similar to a bong and can usually be purchased at your local smoke shop or dispensary. Like a bong, a dab-rig is a water pipe, but instead of a “bowl” a dab-rig has a “nail”. The nail is much smaller than a bowl and allows for smaller amounts of extract to be input without worrying about it going through the hole at the bottom right away. It also allows for higher temperatures to be used which is needed when smoking extracts and concentrates. This is because concentrates and extracts won’t ignite and vaporize until a higher temperature is reached, which is also why the use of a hand torch must be implemented.  Naturally this will create excess heat so extreme caution when dabbing is advised to minimize any risk of burns or fire. Once you light up the nail it is advised, due to the higher temperatures, to inhale only enough to allow the vapors to pass through the receptacle, then to wait for a few moments before inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece. This will allow the vapor to cool before you inhale it into your lungs.

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When smoking badder or other cannabis concentrates it is best to remember that cannabis concentrates are about three times stronger than a regular dose of marijuana. When dabbing cannabis extracts the effects may come on faster and may be more intense than if you were smoking a regular bowl or joint as normal. This is because the extract is a concentrated dose of our favorite flower. That being said, a little bit goes a long way when it comes to dabbing, and in general it’s advised that you start out with a very small amount of the cannabis extract, see how it affects you, then raise your dosage from there. Alternatively you may add a small amount of your cannabis extract to a regular packed bowl for extra potency, however cannabis extracts are prone to flare up occasionally, so when dabbing or smoking it, be prepared to blow it out as necessary. 

Because cannabis extracts such as badder are much more potent than the average bowl or joint, this means that when someone is smoking cannabis extract, they not only need a smaller amount at a time, but the effects of the cannabis extract are stronger and last much longer than a regular session of smoking flowers would give you. When you dab you don’t have to smoke nearly as much or as often to get the same or better effects. This is an important point for those who may need to smoke medicinally for pain or other medical reasons and have a hard time smoking more often. It also helps give your lungs a break, and if you have to leave for the day you may not need to bring the marijuana or extracts with you because the effects last longer.

Cannabis Concentrates are not limited to just badder. There are multiple different types available that are available depending on your specific preferences, intents and purposes. One of the most popular extracts is THC oil that can be used in vapes and vape pens. Weed vapes have become increasingly popular because they utilize cannabis extracts so people can smoke on the go. This takes the whole process of dabbing and makes it more accessible to more people, and it simplifies the process while making it much less conspicuous. In fact, most vape pens are small enough to fit into your pocket and since they are less conspicuous since they look like regular vapes, you can take them to more places. When you inhale a weed vape the smoke is much less harsh and easier on your lungs.

Cannabis extracts are an amazing option for a lot of marijuana enthusiasts out there. They allow you to smoke less, and less often and their effects are stronger and last longer. Because it is so strong, it is not advised for first time smokers, but is more geared towards marijuana veterans who need something stronger, or for those who need it medicinally. 

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