Cannabis has multiple uses, and likewise, there are different ways of utilizing it. For instance, cannabis flowers are not the same as cannabis concentrates or other marijuana products. One popular type is badder, but you may be wondering, what is badder?

About badder dabs

Cannabis concentrates are available in various forms. Live rosin and live resin are two examples of the badder group. However, the differentiation among cannabis concentrates is based on the way they are produced, their THC level, consistency, smell, and flavor.

A badder dab is a type of cannabis concentrate with a unique consistency. It is neither solid nor liquid. It has a waxy texture, which is like peanut butter. 

Badder concentrate is a popular cannabis product among marijuana enthusiasts. It is highly powerful, with THC ranging from 80% to 90%. Moreover, the badder dab retains most of its terpenes, giving you the same flavor and aroma as fresh cannabis flowers.

You can consume marijuana badder dabs in multiple ways. You can smoke, vape, or dab badder.

Making badder wax

Badder wax is generally made from butane extraction. However, carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is also suitable as it gives a cleaner product than butane extraction. After the first extraction, badder concentrate is purged to make it thick and creamy.

To begin with, cannabis flowers are dried and cured. They are then inserted into a container and soaked with liquid butane. Butane helps to eliminate resinous trichomes from the plant matter as they pass over the flowers. The outcome of butane and absorbed resins are then purged with high heat and pressure.

Cannabis badder is stirred constantly during and after the purging process. This crystalizes the badder and gives it a creamy and thick texture. 

The steps of making badder dab through CO2 extraction are almost the same as above. The only exception is that CO2 is converted into a supercritical fluid with low temperature and high pressure.

Comparing batter, budder and badder

Batter, budder and badder are often used interchangeably. So, don’t be surprised if you get badder instead of budder at a dispensary. But is there a difference between them?

Marijuana badder is a cannabis concentrate produced in a similar way as budder. However, it has a whipped consistency and is thicker than budder. The thick, frosty appearance is the difference between badder vs. budder.

Apart from this, batter concentrate is another term for weed budder, which is named after its butter-like thick appearance.

Ways to use badder

Marijuana badder dabs are commonly used but there are various other ways you can use this concentrate. Check out what’s favorite among cannabis lovers.


Vaping badder concentrate is easier than dabbing as all you need to do is buy a vaporizer of your choice. A vaporizer is portable. It heats the weed badder until its active compounds are turned into vapors. Inhale the vapor to experience its effects.


Whether you are a newbie or an experienced cannabis user, you can successfully dab weed badder. You will get it right after some practice. For a great dabbing session, prepare everything you require. Collect your badder dab rig, torch, nail, dab tool and a terp timer for measuring temperature.

Steps to dab marijuana badder

  1. Cut a small piece of the badder concentrate (badder dab) using your dab tool. But remember that cannabis budders are stronger than flowers. So, take it in limited quantities.
  2. Heat the nail of the dab rig using the torch
  3. Let your nail cool down for a bit and then add live THC badder
  4. Place your mouth on the dab tool’s mouthpiece and put the badder dab to the nail
  5. To draw in the smoke, turn the tool and suck air into the rig slowly. But don’t inhale it.
  6. Once there is enough smoke in the rig, begin to inhale and exhale. As badder concentrate has high potency, it is advisable to avoid letting the smoke remain in your lungs for long.
  7. Finally, sit back and relax to enjoy the effects of the badder dab

Putting badder on a joint

This technique of consuming marijuana badder is also called twaxing. It involves adding a badder concentrate to a joint for more potency.

Break the badder wax into small pieces with a dabbing tool. Spread it equally over the flower, which you have already placed in the joint. That’s all.

But before you begin, note these points for the best result.

Badder concentrate takes longer to burn than buds. If it touches the paper, it may flow into the joint, leading to uneven burning. This will make it very difficult to use the cannabis badder that remains outside the joint. Alternatively, to avoid any hassles, you can buy ready-made infused pre-rolls.

Smoking through pipe

Weed badder concentrate can be smoked through piping. Bongs or water pipes are the most common among other pipe types.

Put some weed badder in a bowl and burn it until it vaporizes. Inhale it using a pipe. Badder concentrate takes more time to light compared to buds. So, remember to be patient.

Eating live badder

Can you eat live resin badder? Yes. Although you can eat live badder, you will not experience its psychedelic effects. So, you may consume weed.

Consuming raw cannabis flowers or live badder will not have any impact. This is because the active compounds present in the plant are in their inactive form.

THC and CBD are found in fresh cannabis flowers or live rosin as THCA and CBDA. Decarboxylation is used to activate these compounds. The heat helps to eliminate the carboxylic acid groups and converts THCA and CBDA into their intoxicating form; thus, unlocking their psychoactive properties.

So, to get the desired effects, it is essential to heat or smoke live badder before consuming it. If you fail to do so, you may not experience any change in your body irrespective of the amount you consume. 

Storing live badder

If not properly stored, weed badder may darken and harden over time. It is best to store your badder concentrates in a dark, airtight container placed in a cool, dark room for enhancing its durability.

Oxygen, moisture, light and heat can alter the taste, aroma, color and potency of badder concentrates. Keep your badder concentrate away from these elements to avoid degradation due to oxidation.

Getting the best badder concentrates

Since there is a wide range of consistencies or textures of badder, making the right choice can be challenging. Check out Dripp Extracts to get the best badder concentrates in California.

We strive to focus on high-quality craftsmanship and efficiency in all our processes. With our innovative approach, we ensure to produce and offer only the best cannabis badder to you. Look at the different available options and pick your favorite ones today.  

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