whats an 8th of weed

The eighth, it’s a classic.  The eighth is a great deal and a great bargain for your money.  It’s slightly less expensive when compared to buying individual grams, giving you more of a discount price. In this article, we’ll go a little more in-depth about the eighth’s typical weight and prices. 

So, How Many Grams Is An Eighth? 

When you take the definition of an eighth, it should be exactly 3.5g of cannabis.  This measurement of sales is slightly more straightforward than the others, as 3.5 is one-eighth of a total of 8. Easy enough, right? 

It’s also common to discover that if you open your newly purchased product from a legal dispensary and weigh it on a scale, you’ll discover that it might weigh in at 4g. The reasoning for this is to encourage buyers to choose the eighth! 

whats an 8th of weed

What’s the Price of an Eighth?

Depending on the area, state taxes, and even the dispensary, the price of an eighth of weed may vary, although the typical price range for an eighth of weed ranges from $25-$35. Don’t be surprised if you pay less or more, though, depending on the brand and quality. Regardless, you can see that it does substantially save money to buy an eighth at a time versus by the gram. The gram can range from $15-20, meaning if you bought the equivalent amount, you might rack up a bill of $52-$70! If you’re planning on smoking more than one gram, the eighth will typically save you more money than buying a gram at a time. 

Slang Examples for an Eighth

Oftentimes, you hear slang more than the official term for something, especially in the weed world. The eighths mathematically accurate name can sometimes be switched out for some less official nicknames. Depending on what area of the country you live in, there might be a few different slang names, such as slice (similar to a slice of a pizza that’s an eighth of the pie), cut, eify, and half a quarter. There are no rules for what you can and cannot refer to an eighth as, as long as the other people can decipher what you’re talking about. 

Can You Eyeball the Size of an Eighth?

Weed that’s already been cultivated (and usually packaged) can sometimes be difficult to eyeball an exact amount, however, a surprising amount of buds weigh in at an eighth of an ounce.  Now, there is a range for the size of these buds, so you cannot assume each bud will be 3.5g, some is more tightly packed, while others are more “fluffy”. But the easiest way to make an estimate by eye is if it looks like a decent handful, or fills in the bottom of a normal sandwich bag. Don’t stress, it also gets easier over time.  

whats an 8th of weed

Will an Eighth of Weed Last? How Long?

This question ranks in as equally most subjective, and most important of all in this article. Because you want to get the most ng for your buck, right? The truth is that it will be subjective depending on how much, and how often you smoke. If you look at trends, and the typical usage of weed, statistically, if you smoke gram blunts the eighth is the perfect weekend coverage for you, and another friend or 2.  On the other hand, if you’re a bong or bowl smoker, you can most likely squeeze even more value out of your eighth. One bowl (for a bong or pipe) will typically hold half a gram or less of weed, meaning that you could pack that bowl more than 10 times, lasting you into the week. 

At the end of the day, the way and amount you smoke will determine how long the eighth will last for you. If you’re a casual smoker, your eighth of weed might stretch into 2 weeks, or if you’re a regular daily joint smoker, you might burn through your eighth in a weekend––it just depends on you. 

The biggest takeaway from this article, however, is that an eighth is a cost-efficient method for the casual smoker, the daily smoker, and the smoker on a budget.

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