What are Weed Diamonds

If you’re new to cannabis concentrates, or you’ve dabbled but haven’t fallen in love with one in particular, you may be searching for the one that’s right for you. With a seemingly endless list of concentrates available, from budder to shatter, and wax to rosin, how do you know where to start? With weed, it can take some trial and error to find the strain you like best, and the same goes for concentrates. They’re a little different from your traditional flower so it can take a little practice to get the hang of them, but once you do, you can sample and test all that cannabis has to offer.

Which leads us to weed diamonds. They might sound intimidating if you’ve never tried them, but once you get to know them, you’ll realize they’re a lot like other forms of cannabis. We’ll get into what they are, how they’re made, how to use them, and how they differ from other concentrates.

What are weed diamonds?

Weed diamonds, also known as diamond weed, are a form of cannabis concentrate that truly packs a punch. Like most concentrates, their name is derived from their appearance and consistency, as diamonds are hard, glassy, and look like naturally-occuring crystals or diamonds. They can come in a variety of colors, ranging from nearly white to dark amber. There’s a couple of different kinds you can buy, depending on your preference: THCa diamonds or CBD diamonds, with THCa being the most popular among cannabis enthusiasts. THCa is the cannabinoid ingredient that, when heated, becomes THC.

How are weed diamonds created?

Like many cannabis concentrates, there’s a very precise process used to attain diamonds weed. The first step in making them is actually to create a different concentrate: live resin, or sauce. To do this, the marijuana plant is saturated in a chemical solvent, often butane or alcohol, in what’s called a closed-loop extraction method. This technique then removes the chemicals, along with the cannabinoids and terpenes. This liquid is treated with pressure and heat to remove any solvents and leave you with a pure extract.

There’s then a couple of methods used to create the diamond form. Either, the extract is left in a cool dark place where diamonds will form over the course of a few weeks; or a process called diamond mining is used, where the extract is subjected to even more heat and pressure, which creates diamonds quickly. Some people enjoy weed diamonds in their solid form, while others who may prefer liquid concentrates like the potency of liquid diamonds weed, which is the same concentrate, just melted down.

How do you use weed diamonds?

There’s a range of ways to consume weed diamonds, including dabbing, vaping, or adding it to your flower. Like other cannabis concentrates, weed diamonds require more heat than flower does to vaporize, so if you’re new to concentrates, be prepared to exercise some patience.


Dabbing is the most popular way to enjoy concentrates like weed diamonds. A dab rig and torch are required for this process. Low temperature dabs are usually preferred to protect the full flavor profile and avoid burning the product, so aim for between 500 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit when dabbing diamonds. Be especially mindful of starting slowly as well, especially if you’ve never tried weed diamonds before or if you have a low tolerance. The effects will be felt stronger and for longer, so it’s recommended you start with a diamond the size of a grain of rice or smaller.


Vaping cannabis concentrates has become a popular and convenient method of consumption. Unlike your Juul or many other nicotine vape pens, vaporizers intended for concentrates often offer a temperature setting, so you don’t accidentally burn your concentrate or struggle to heat it thoroughly. All that’s needed is a clean, cooled off vaporizer for this process. Simply fill it with your weed diamonds, set the temperature, and puff away low and slow.

Diamond infused weed

One of the many reasons cannabis enthusiasts love weed diamonds is the consistency. They’re much easier to crush and spread into your flower, compared to stickier, more liquid-based concentrates. Incorporating your weed with diamonds is as easy as rolling a joint or packing a bowl with your flower, evenly sprinkling a small amount of diamonds throughout, and lighting up. Remember, concentrates take longer to burn and will bring much stronger effects than smoking flower on its own.

Weed diamonds vs other cannabis concentrates

Weed diamonds differ from other cannabis concentrates in a couple of key ways. The most important being their potency. Something to keep in mind if you’re interested in trying weed diamonds for the first time is that they’re not for the faint of heart. While many cannabis concentrates tend to hold a range of 50% to 90% THC potency, weed diamonds are incredibly pure and are among the strongest of concentrates, holding between 97% to 99% potency. Putting it into perspective, flower tends to average at around one-third of this THC content. So in short, use them carefully.

The only other glaring contrast between weed diamonds and other concentrates is the process used, which leads to its unique consistency. The diamond aesthetic and breakable texture allows the user to easily crumble the concentrate or break it up into smaller pieces.

The importance of buying from a reputable source

The process of making weed diamonds, as well as other cannabis products, is very thorough — and for good reason. The use of chemical solvents can be very dangerous, but not just because they’re flammable; those who make concentrates who are unlicensed and untrained may not fully remove them during the manufacturing process, leaving traces of these chemicals in the finished product. This could be hazardous to your health, which is why buying your cannabis concentrates from a reputable source is so important.

Best Concentrates 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned user of concentrates or you’re interested in trying them for the first time, be sure to get your weed diamonds from only the best dispensary. We at Dripp Extracts are connoisseurs or cannabis and have years of experience crafting and elevating the best concentrates on the market. Our products are second to none, and our helpful team is here for you every step of the way. Give us a call at  (866) 773-7477 or email us at info@drippextracts.com to try weed diamonds for yourself.

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