Liquid diamonds weed, as the name implies, is a blend of THCa diamonds and live resin sauce. It has both solid and liquid characteristics, making it as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

The Process of Making Liquid Diamonds

To know how liquid diamonds weed are prepared, you must first understand how live resin is made:

Cannabis concentrate also known as “live resin” is produced using fresh, frozen plants. The plants’ natural essence can be more completely captured because it hasn’t been cured or heated in any way as it is processed while they are still alive.

This means that the strain’s distinctive entourage experience, flavor and aroma are all further enhanced by the vibrant, bold terpene expression. Flash freezing with liquid nitrogen or dry ice is one way to freeze these trichomes while the plant is still alive.

Just like how cannabis oil is made, the process of making live resin involves flash-freezing the plant in order to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids before using them. This is done as opposed to using the plant after it has been dried and cured. The living plants must be frozen during the extraction process.

Growing Diamonds

The growth of the diamonds occurs during the crystallization process that follows butane extraction. The THCa crystallizes spontaneously when a trace amount of solvent is left in the extract and allowed to purge out for at least 48 hours, creating a supersaturated sauce fraction.

The live resin is made up of THCa diamond extract and terpene-rich “sauce” fraction. While sauce fractions typically contain 30% to 40% dissolved THCa and a strain-specific mixture of terpenes, diamonds are usually comprised of 95% to 99% THCa. The diamonds are separated from the sauce by pouring off the sauce.

To transform the THCa into its active form, THC, after the diamonds have been extracted from the live resin, must first undergo decarboxylation. The diamonds infused weed is heated to achieve this. The diamonds can now be reintroduced to the live resin sauce in liquid form after being decarbed to create the purest vape oil possible for packaging.

What is Cannabis Extract?

A cannabis extract is a kind of cannabis concentrate created using a solvent that is different than other concentrates that are made using various mechanical processes. Generally, the process requires mixing cannabis plant materials with another chemical to separate all the cannabinoids from the plant matter. Afterward, the plant matter is removed from the cannabinoid-infused solvent and the solvent is either evaporated or otherwise removed. A mass of highly concentrated cannabinoids is what is left.

Types of Cannabis Extracts

There are numerous types and forms of cannabis extracts. They are named based on their textures, which can range from liquid oil to a drier, crumbly form, such as crumble. Some extracts are given names based on the precise extraction method used. Here are a few of the most popular cannabis extracts available in the market:

  •       Crumble – a cannabis extract that is dry and crumbly
  •       Wax – a cannabis extract with a sticky, stretchy consistency
  •       Shatter – a cannabis extract with a final texture that is brittle and easily breakable
  •   Budder – made with butane, budder is also “whipped” until it resembles butter in texture

Other cannabis extracts bear the name of the method used to obtain them. Such products include:

  •       Live Resin – live resin is extracted from live, unprocessed plants as opposed to dried cannabis plant material
  •       ISO Hash – an isopropyl alcohol or ethanol-based solvent used to produce a cannabis extract
  •       Butane Hash Oil (BHO) – Butane is used as the solvent in the extraction
  •       CO2 Oil – an extract produced using compressed CO2
  •       Tincture – tinctures use alcohol to extract cannabinoids from plant matter to create a highly concentrated extract

How to Use Cannabis Extracts?

Most of the cannabis extracts must be dabbed. A dab rig and a heat source, like a torch, are needed for this. Next, the users warm the dab rig’s nail and place a piece of cannabis extract there to vaporize. Then, users draw the highly potent, cannabinoid-rich vapor through a water pipe and inhale it. Extracts that can be eaten or drunk, like tinctures, are much easier to use because they can be ingested, drank or taken beneath the tongue.

Liquid Diamonds vs. Live Resin and Distillate

Live resin is quite flavorful, and has a saucy texture and crystallized residue visible in its appearance. Because fresh frozen plants are used in the process, the concentrate retains a lot of terpenes. Compared to distillate, the live resin has more terpenes but fewer cannabinoids.

The color of distillate, in contrast, ranges from transparent to golden yellow and is devoid of crystals and other obvious impurities. Because it undergoes a procedure known as fractional short-path distillation, which separates each compound individually (as a result of each compound’s unique boiling point), distillate is flavorless and odorless in comparison to live resin. Since distillate completely lacks terpenes and contains a lot of THC, it is frequently blended with botanicals or given a second chance to contain strain-specific terpenes when it is produced for vaping.

Without distillation, liquid diamonds have a higher purity and are a more expensive variety of THC distillate. To create a flavorful, powerful and versatile experience, liquid diamond vapes combine the terpene-rich qualities of live resin with the potency, visual appeal and high purity of THCa diamonds.

Liquid Diamonds Attributes

Liquid diamonds have the appearance of ultra-clear distillate. It is a yellowish liquid that is very thick. The following are its attributes:

  •       Color – pale yellow, clear
  •       Appearance – liquid, oil
  •       Terpenes – from 0 -10%
  •       Total THC – +97%
  •       Cannabinoids – D9-THC
  •       Uses – Edible and joint infusion, vapes

Uses of Liquid Diamonds

Liquid diamonds are used in vape carts due to their already activated THC form and flowable liquid state. It makes it simple for manufacturers to produce super strong potency vapes without altering their current processes.

Joints and edibles can also be infused with liquid diamonds. Since there are no other trace amounts of cannabinoids, the potency of this ingredient is almost entirely THC. When compared to distillate, liquid diamonds are also easier to produce. Different input materials can affect the potency and appearance of the distillate.

Are Liquid Diamonds Better than Distillate?

Absolutely! Due to their higher purity, liquid diamonds are widely preferred over distillate. Liquid diamonds have a total THC content of over 97%. Distillate has a total THC content of about 93%. Liquid diamonds increase the potency of products. Not only that, but it also makes formulation easier for manufacturers. For those who are in search of the highest THC potency vapes out there, liquid diamond is a perfect choice.

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