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Are you an experienced marijuana user looking to learn more about live resin and live rosin? While both involve complex extraction techniques used to produce potent cannabis concentrates, there are some key distinctions between the two – which can make a huge difference in the product’s quality, overall flavor, and smell. 

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring exactly what sets live resin apart from live rosin – demystifying these obscure derivatives of marijuana so that you can choose the right one for your needs. Get ready to enter a world of sticky cannabis concentrates.  Dripp Extracts in Long Beach, California, offers the widest variety of live resin and live rosin products in the country. Their weedmasters are always happy to help answer any questions like what is the difference between live resin and rosin?

What makes cannabis resin and rosin ‘live?’

Cannabis extracts are traditionally manufactured from dried and cured marijuana flowers – a process that can destroy some of the plant’s delicate, temperature-sensitive terpenes. Cannabis lowers are initially hung up or placed on screens until they dry and then pruned after a sufficient length of time.  These buds are then sealed in airtight containers for curing—which gives them better flavor and aroma over the course of several weeks.

Meanwhile, manufacturers of “live” concentrates take a more innovative approach by cold-freezing their marijuana bud and trim material, rather than the traditional drying and curing process. This more advanced method involves utilizing very low temperatures during extraction to effectively preserve valuable terpenes from dissipating due to evaporation. Ultimately, these techniques ensure that resin glands refrain from suffering any degradation because of heat exposure or other external factors.

What is live resin?

From harvesting to extraction, the production of live resin is a delicate and intricate process. The freshly picked cannabis flower buds must be submerged in cryogenic temperatures for no longer than two days before using light hydrocarbon solvents like butane or propane with closed-loop extraction equipment. 

Once this process is completed, the residual solvent needs to be removed via purging under a vacuum oven.  This process requires extra care as the flammable components need proper storage and ventilation while being monitored by gas detection systems. 

Crafting live resin is a complex process requiring precision and finesse. Many processors carefully tailor their hydrocarbon blend, selecting from options of 70% butane/30% propane or 50/50 mixtures—as well as more extreme ratios, such as 30:70 according to individual preferences. 

As higher proportions of propane can help extract an increased number of terpenes, many operators take extra measures by chilling the solvent in use down to -40º C or lower.  These lower temperatures help reduce the water content that might otherwise compromise yield and introduce unwanted compounds into the mix.

After the initial extraction process, cannabis concentrate can be further refined into a variety of textures and consistencies by employing a range of lower temperatures to evaporate residual solvents without drastically changing its terpene content. Live resin’s slow-and-low heat purging may take more time compared to other products, but it ensures better quality for cannabis-enhanced waxes, badders, and many other Dripp Extracts.

Live resin vs. wax

Live resin is essentially a type of cannabis concentrate that uses fresh, live plants and cold-press extraction methods to produce a highly aromatic, flavorful product. It’s typically amber in color, with a sap-like consistency—similar to wax. However, live resin has the added benefit of retaining more terpene content than its counterpart due to its unique extraction process.

Live wax, meanwhile, is a generic term used to refer to cannabis concentrates that are a solidified form of live resin. Wax products can be produced using the same live-freezing methods, but they’re typically purged at higher temperatures (over 150 degrees Celsius) and then whipped or shaken into a waxy texture during the refining process. Regarding live resin vs. wax, live waxes tend to have a more consistent, less volatile flavor profile than live resins and are often favored for their ease of handling and storage.

What is live rosin?

For a healthier cannabis concentrate option, look no further than live rosin. This solvent-free extract is made by pressing marijuana buds at low temperatures to preserve the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. When put through high heat and pressure, the resin melts from the plant material onto parchment paper for later collection—with absolutely zero traces of solvents remaining before reaching consumers.

When comparing live rosin pressing versus live resin extraction processes, one factor is clear: you get more bang for your buck with butane/propane. While this method may require a bit more skill from the manufacturers and cost a little more, larger amounts of material can be processed faster than when using just heat and pressure alone. 

However, attempts at leveraging fresh frozen cannabis for extracting oils come with an important warning: processing these materials produces steam that could prove very dangerous, which is something many manufacturers try to avoid due to the added safety requirements and protocols.

By combining artisanal techniques and modern technology, live rosin is carefully crafted through a delicate process of extracting trichomes from cannabis material. To create this golden concentrate, the kief must first be agitated in ice-cold water to encourage its breakage before being expertly pressed for final touches at temperatures as low as 160º F or high as 220º F. The result? A potent extract renowned among cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.

Choose Dripp Extracts for all your live resin and live rosin needs

Dripp has an expert team of highly experienced cannabis professionals that specializes in both live resin and live rosin products.  Their dedication to providing only high-quality products and top-notch customer service ensures that every gram of concentrate is created with the utmost precision. Their product manufacturers adhere to strict safety protocols during the live-freezing, pressing, and purging procedures to guarantee consistent potency, delicious flavors, and exceptional aromas. Whether you’re looking for live resin or live rosin, Dripp has you covered. For more information on live resin vs. rosin, contact Dripp Extracts today.

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