is live resin better than rosin

We can easily find more and more cannabis products with different varieties on the market since more states legalized using cannabis recreationally. Smoking from cannabis flower is still the most common way to consume cannabis. However, with highly concentrated cannabinoid extracts, people prefer to smoke, vape or dab.

Live resin and live rosin are becoming more and more well-known on the cannabis market. In this article, let’s discuss the fundamentals of live resin and live rosin, including how the extraction process works, the differences, and how to use both concentrates.

is live resin better than rosin

How is live rosin produced?

Making live rosin is relatively easy compared to live resin. Live rosin is made by pressing pieces of plant to high heat and with pressure, which is able to separate the rosin from the plant as a whole. Users can operate the whole process at home with parchment paper and flat iron. Live rosin might be a preferable option for individuals seeking cannabis goods of greater quality.

What is live resin?

Cannabis consumers are becoming more and more familiar with the sticky, strong concentrate – live resin. Live resin keeps all of the trichomes and cannabinoids compared to other extracts, which normally lose a big portion of the terpene during the following extraction, creating a strong and tasty cannabis product.

How is live resin produced?

Live resin is acquired from plants that have just been freshly picked and frozen right away, a.k.a. “Fresh Frozen Whole Plant” or “Fresh Frozen.” Solvents (CO2 or ethanol) are used during the live resin extraction procedure. 

The differences between live resin and live rosin.

Live resin typically has more THC than live rosin in terms of potency. live resin is more pricey and requires a large than live rosin since the extraction process is more complicated. Produce live rosin is solvent free; on the other hand, live resin is extracted utilizing solvents such as ethanol or CO2.

People use water pipes or handheld vapes to consume live resin or live rosin. Below, we are getting deeper between smoke, vape, and dab.
is live resin better than rosin


For cannabis users looking for an easy and discreet way to use products, pre-filled vaporizers or portable vaporizers that use disposable cartridges are excellent. Live resin and live rosin are two examples of concentrates that can be consumed with these devices. Some of these products are not offered in disposable cartridge form. Some can be smoked with e-rigs or portable vaporizers. 

Water pipes and dab rigs

Water pipes that are intended for concentrate use are typically made of glass, known as dab rigs. Some users prefer to top their cannabis flowers with concentrates. Be extra cautious of the overdose on live resin or live rosin if you consume them this way. Always start with a low dosage and slowly add more when you first try out new cannabis products to prevent a bad trip.

What varieties of live resin are out there?

There are several different types of live resin. Here are a few typical varieties that you might find in dispensaries in your neighborhood.


HTE (High Terpene Extract) and THCa Crystalline, which appear as clear crystals in a thick liquid and amber-brown, make up the cannabis concentrate. The HTE liquid has a high terpene content but a low cannabinoid content. As a precursor to THC, THCa Crystalline produces powerful cannabinoid effects.


A cannabis concentrate is known as batter or badder, with different spellings depending on the manufacturers. Badder is rich in terpene and appears as yellow-brown icing for cakes or cookie dough.


The content of THC and terpene in diamonds are very high. Diamonds are isolated THC crystals. Similar to the THC crystals you might find in sauce.


Sugar is a type of live resin that looks like coarse sugar granules in honey globs. Sugar has a strong flavor and aroma, and some claim that they smell almost exactly like its plant.

How do you control the dosage for live resin and live rosin products?

Remember that compared to most other cannabis products, both live resin and live rosin are known for their potencies. As we previously stated, it is always good to start slowly and with a low amount.

For vapers, set your vape to the lowest heat setting, then start taking slow, gentle puffs. Before taking another inhale, wait up to 30 minutes to ensure you are in control of the hit.

For dabbers, we suggest reading the instructions beforehand and it’s best to start with a very little quantity of concentrate. Wait a moment after the first breath before taking another, just like vaping. Do not continue taking cannabis until you start feeling the high because it may take several minutes to kick in.

Never skimp on the quality of cannabis

Both live rosin and live resin offer unique cannabis experiences. Everyone has their own preferences about which product is best. The best way is to check out both to determine which works better for you. We highly recommend that you acquire cannabis products from a legally licensed dispensary to make sure the safety of the source as well as the quality.

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