is concentrate stronger

Concentrates are a trendy new way to consume cannabis, but their potency and unorthodox appearance might be daunting at first. Many customers won’t walk away from the flowers since they are already comfortable doing it. However, you might not be aware of the many advantages cannabis extracts and concentrates could offer. For instance, concentrates can provide smoother, cleaner, and less intense hits. With portable vaporizers, people can use concentrates very discreetly.

There are various names for different cannabis concentrates.

Regardless of the name of the flower, even new cannabis users have a pretty decent understanding of what they’re getting, even though the various availability of strains might still be confused. “concentrates” is an overall term that refers to a range of different cannabis extracts and their names.

When you are at a dispensary, you will see rosin, shatter, CO2, BHO, wax, honey oil, crumble, dabs, tinctures, hash, capsules, etc. It’s common to walk away when you have so many options in front of you and you don’t know any of them. They are the same thing with different names based on their appearance. Here is the information to help you focus on your search:

is concentrate stronger


Concentrates such as oil, honeycomb, sugar, sap, wax, crumble, shatter, and wax are named because of their texture. While some people enjoy an extract’s consistency, many people find it more important what solvent is used during the extraction process and how well the concentrate works with how they consume cannabis. Potency and a high percentage of THC level do not necessarily guarantee the finest experience.

Solventless extracts

A good amount of concentrates are extracted by using hydrocarbons, CO2, alcohol, water, and heat. For people who are concerned about the potential effects of consuming solvents, solventless extracts created with heat (like rosin) or water (like a hash) are excellent options.

Here are some questions for you if you don’t know what to ask in the dispensary. 

  • Which oils are compatible with your preferred way of consuming? 
  • Which cannabis concentrates are good to dab? 
  • What is different between live rosin, live resin, and shatter?
  • Do you like vape pens better? 
  • Which cartridge is compatible with my vape pen battery?
  • What are ingestible concentrates? 
  • What dose should I start for oil capsules and tinctures?
  • Which concentrates have preserved the most for the original cannabis flower profile?

Concentrates have greater strength.

Potency is the main differential when comparing cannabis concentrates flowers. While the THC content of cannabis flowers normally varies from 10 to 25%, concentrates typically fall between 50 to 80%. Some extracts can even reach 90% of THC. For some reason, dosage becomes more problematic as potency rises.

For people just getting into the cannabis concentrates world, a slightly or non-intoxicating CBD-rich concentrate might be a better option. You may want to start with tinctures and hash before moving on to the stronger oils because they have lower THC levels than other types of concentrates. Just keep in mind you should always start with a modest dose and work your way up in the beginning.

There are numerous ways to take concentrate.

You can smoke, vape, and roll from cannabis flowers. However, concentrates give you more choices to consume.


Experienced cannabis users can quickly adopt dabbing, which is applying a scoop of extract to a hot nail and inhaling through a piece of glass. Dabbing is a simple technique to consume a high concentration of cannabis, but it is less convenient for beginners due to the equipment requirements and the learning curve.

Ingestible oils

Because of how they are processed, ingestible oils behave similarly to edibles in that they start working gradually and last much longer. Any extract, including these oils, may contain a significant amount of CBD or THC. Therefore, if you’re interested in smoke-free approaches to consuming cannabis, particularly for medical purposes, it may be worthwhile to look into these pills.


Tinctures are a type of concentration that you apply under the tongue, which means they immediately enter the bloodstream. Although they frequently have lower potencies than edibles and ingestible oils, they work more quickly.

Hash and oils.

The way of consuming cannabis flowers can also be applied to hash and oils. Some portable vape pens are made for particular oil cartridges. Some people roll their flower joints with hash and oils.

Reduce the cannabis plant matter consumption with dabbing concentrates

One advantage of concentrates that you may not have thought of is that extraction procedures remove plant material and isolate desired compounds like CBD and THC. Also, the procedures can filter out undesirable substances like pesticides, contaminants, and residual solvents. A lot of people prefer concentrates because of how clean and pure they are, just make sure the products you consume are tested.

The plant matter will turn your glass black when you smoke cannabis flowers. That black thing is tar which might damage your lungs from time to time. You can see that the glass and water stay significantly cleaner for a longer time when you dab concentrated oils. Cannabis is heated in vaporizers to a temperature below the point of combustion, but still hot enough to extract therapeutic chemicals. For people who are cautious about their health, this is the better way.

Do Flowers have a better flavor?

This topic is for you if flavor is important to you. During the extraction process, some concentrates will lose some of their scents and flavors. Terpenes are extremely volatile with heat during the extraction procedures. Terpenes are the secret to the distinct aromas of cannabis flower which range from fruity, sweet, and flowery to piney, earthy, and musky. Many companies have started introducing these aromatic chemicals to the concentrates, which generate much more than the flower in terms of flavor. Purified forms are perceived by many users to be tastier and cleaner than flowers. For example, concentrates like live resin maintains outstanding flavor profiles.

is concentrate stronger

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