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Apparently, the first thing that comes to mind when you first hear or come across the word badder is something bad, substandard, or inferior. A quick dictionary search shows that badder is an adjective meaning unpleasant, disagreeable, unfortunate, and other not-so-friendly words. But is there more to this word?

For cannabis enthusiasts, the word badder has a completely different meaning. It’s a cannabis concentrate that looks like cake batter and is so potent. Now that you’ve discovered that badder isn’t what you thought it was, there’s a lot to learn about the concentrate. Let’s delve deeper into its qualities, manufacture, and so much more!

Badder Defined

Badder, which is also known as batter, is a cannabis concentrate that  has a fluffy, cloud-like consistency. It has a whipped consistency that looks more or less the same as thick frosting or cake batter. It derives the name batter from this whipped consistency. For starters, badder has a malleable texture. The concentrate is formed by compressing plant material then isolating or removing trichomes. 

It’s not uncommon for cannabis producers and users to use the terms badder and budder interchangeably. And although you can’t deny the fact that the two concentrates look the same. Badder looks more loose and oily. On the other hand, budder has a texture that’s a bit firmer and much like soft butter. However, you can’t deny the fact that both concentrates are smooth and look the same.

What Are the Features of Badder Weed?

Evidently, badder looks like budder in almost every aspect. But starters might experience difficulty telling which is which between the two. Although, you can’t deny that many of the following characteristics apply to both concentrates, there are certain features that are slightly different.

Color of Badder

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of badder is its color. Badder is golden. You may say that it’s blond, if you like it that way. But remember that only high-quality badder is golden. So, don’t be surprised if you come across light gold or brownish badder.

Texture of Badder

As mentioned, badder comes with a whipped or malleable consistency. This gives it the same texture as cake batter or very thick frosting. Anything that’s slightly firmer indicates that you may be handling budder or low quality badder. Always do your homework well and read the labels on your THC packaging.

Potency of Badder

Badder has a potency that ranges from 70 to 90-something. The potency depends on the quality of concentrate and the solvents that were used in making it. In most cases, the manufacturer will indicate how high badder weed can get you on the packaging.

How Is Badder Made?

Badder, budder, and shatter follow the same procedure during manufacturing. The concentrates are made through CO2 or butane extraction. To make badder, cannabis is soaked in solvents such as carbon dioxide, isopropyl alcohol, and butane. There are producers who also soak cannabis in ice water. 

Of all the methods, CO2 extraction is the most popular. Why? It leaves behind no traces and evaporates immediately after extraction. Additionally, the method is safe and not complicated. Pressurized CO2 helps create tasty badders and other concentrates by pulling out flavonoids and terpenes.

How to Smoke Badder

To smoke badder, start by applying the dab on the nail while rotating it to pull air into the dab rig. Once you’ve drawn enough smoke via the right, inhale, exhale and continue doing this as you enjoy. But given that badder is so potent, you want to avoid holding any smoke in your lungs. No one wants to be excessively active or sleep for extended hours just because they took more than they could handle. However, with time you may increase what you smoke. In addition to dabbing, the following are ways you can enjoy your batter:

  • Vaping
  • Edibles
  • Twaxing

What Is Live Badder?

Live badder is a concentrate that is made by washing frozen, freshly harvested plant material in hydrocarbon solvents. It has the same malleable consistency and texture as badder wax, but it comes with more terpenes than your usual weed badder.

In this case, hydrocarbon extraction makes use of propane or butane as a solvent. Fresh cannabis is passed through any of these solvents, releasing cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes before being purged to isolate or remove the extract.

What Can You Expect When You Smoke Badder?

Like many other concentrates, badder has a potency that goes beyond 70%, sometimes reaching 95%. Actually, this is two to three times stronger than even the strongest of flowers. With that said, expect to get very high after smoking or consuming badder. 

But basically, how high you’ll get depends on the strain used to make the concentrate. Additionally, your reaction to badder may vary based on the smoking method. For example, if you mix badder with other concentrates or consume it in a joint or blunt, then you might experience an enhanced high.

So, even though cannabis is good for your health, you want to be careful not to use too much of it. You want to start with small amounts then level up steadily.

How to Store Badder

This article would be incomplete if you don’t know how to store your badder wax. Storing your badder determines if it’ll go bad or you’ll use it for the longest time. You want to make sure that the badder is kept in an airtight container to prevent air from coming into contact with your badder. Of course, you guessed it right; air can mix with your concentrate and reduce its potency. 

You don’t want to consume something that won’t get you high or give you the medical benefits you crave. Air might also trigger mold growth or contaminate your badder THC. It can also tamper with the consistency of your concentrate, leaving some hard stuff that looks bad to the eye (at least this is in agreement with dictionary definition of badder).

Make sure you store your badder wax in a dry place away from moisture and (kids). Freezing your cannabis concentrate also helps increase its shelf life. Furthermore, frozen badder tastes and feels good. Last but not least, ensure that you always store your cannabis according to the manufacturer’s instructions if you didn’t make it at home.

Dripp Has Some of the Best Cannabis Concentrates

As seen in this article, badder is a word yes, but the unpleasant stuff you know. Instead, it’s something you want to try if you need to improve your focus, relaxation, and reduce pain. All that said, you may be wondering where to get quality badder, shatter, and other concentrates. Dripp has all the cannabis concentrates you may think of. Call Dripp today to inquire about the product you need or browse this catalog to see what cannabis products are on offer.

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