Vaping is becoming a more popular way to use cannabis, mostly because vaporization makes the drug potent, portable vapes are discreet and easy to use, and inhaling vapor instead of smoke might be healthier. As vaping’s popularity grew, new vaping procedures entered the market before the typical consumer could learn how they functioned and how to use them. People can vape cannabis in a lot of different ways. Vaporizers can be divided into three categories: 

  • Desktop
  • Portable
  • Vape pens

If you like to consume cannabis in vapor form, read on to find out how to do so.

Using a Tabletop Vape

A tabletop vaporizer is a stationary heating device used on a tabletop or other flat surface. Tabletop vaporizers come in several varieties, each with its heating chamber, heating element, mouthpiece, and temperature adjustment mechanism. Here is how you can use a desktop cannabis vape to inhale cannabis:

  • Read the guide
    • While you may be excited to take that first puff, learning how to use your tabletop vape properly is essential to getting the most out of your cannabis and extending the life of your vape. So start by looking at the instructions.
  • Plug in and turn on your vape
    • Plug in and turn on your vape. Let your device warm up before you start to use it.
  • Crush your marijuana flower and pack it
    • While the vaporizer is heating, you can prepare your cannabis flower by grinding it into a fine powder and loading it into the heating chamber, also known as the oven. In this chamber, flowers are vaporized at high temperatures for inhalation. The heating chamber of each vape is different in size, shape, and location, but most can hold between 14 and 1/2 grams of ground cannabis. Ensure your chamber isn’t too full so air can flow through it. Close the oven door well.
  • Set the temperature you want
    • If your equipment permits, set your preferred temperature. The ideal temperature range for vaping is between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Just put your mouth over the mouthpiece and inhale.
    • To take a hit, breathe in through the mouthpiece. When you exhale and see and taste cannabis vapor, you’ll know it’s working. It’s best to take long, slow breaths in. As the cannabinoids in your marijuana are used up in your vape, the once-green blossoms will begin to change to a brownish color. However, unlike cigarettes, desktop vapes don’t burn the flower material. Whenever the vapor becomes less dense and less flavorful, you know it’s time to reload the chamber.
  • Get rid of any unused cannabis
    • Toss out any unused marijuana after use. If you want to keep your cannabis vape pen in good condition and ensure that it continues to function well, you should clean it every 10-20 usage. To learn how to clean your vaporizer, consult the user handbook.


Using a Portable Vape for Flowers

“Vapes,” short for “portable vaporizer,” are more discrete than their desktop counterparts because of their smaller size. You should expect to find a chamber to contain your weed, a heating element, and a battery in each portable weed vape. A tiny dial or button is usually included on portable flower cannabis vapes so you may control the temperature. Learn how to inhale the evaporated flowers with a portable vaporizer.

  • Review the instructions
    • As mentioned, knowing how to operate your equipment properly is essential for getting the most out of it and keeping it working for as long as possible.
  • Charge your vaporizer before using it
    • As a result, it can prepare itself for usage by preheating. Some electrical devices require special proprietary chargers or additional batteries, although the vast majority may be charged using either the provided USB cable or any regular USB cable.
  • Make sure the cannabis flower is finely ground before you smoke it
    • It needs to be placed into the furnace. Avoid squeezing yourself too tightly and ensure adequate room for air to circulate. Always make sure your vaporizer is closed.
  • Take deep, satisfying breaths of air at any temperature
    • When exhaling, the cannabis vapor should be visible and palpable. To get the most out of the medicinal effects of marijuana, take slow, deep breaths when inhaling. As cannabinoids are vaporized, the green hue of cannabis flowers fades to a brownish hue. When the vapor from a cannabis vaporizer becomes tasteless, it’s time to reload the vaporizer.
  • Remove any remaining vegetation by scrubbing
    • To keep your vaporizer in top shape and ensure it continues to deliver satisfying hits, you must clean it often. Refer to the user guide that came with your vaporizer for detailed instructions on how to clean it.

Portable Vape for Concentrates

Not all portable vaporizers are created equal; while some may only be used with dry herbs, others can also be used with concentrates like cannabis vape oil, and still, others can be used with both. Here’s how you can use a portable vape to take pleasure in your preferred concentrates.

  1. Take the time to read the manual. If you want to get the most out of your gadget, you should learn all there is to know about it.
  2. Take care to have your vaporizer both powered and charged. Most portable vaporizers have a USB cable for charging built-in, but you may also use any standard USB wire. You should consult the manual because some devices feature removable batteries or chargers.
  3. The chamber/oven is loaded with cannabis concentrate using a dab instrument or dabber. Don’t touch the weed with your bare hands because that will ruin it.
  4. Adjust the vapes’ temperature to your liking. The ideal temperature range for vaping concentrates is between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Inhale deeply through the mouthpiece to take a drag. You’ll know it’s functioning when you exhale and notice cannabis vapor. Long, slow hits equally evaporate the cannabinoids.
  6. When you’re finished using your weed vape, turn it off and clean it. To extend the life of your device, clean it every 10–20 usage. To learn how to clean your vaporizer, consult the user guide.

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