how to smoke badder

Badder is known for its potency and intense flavor, making it a favorite for those looking for a stronger experience but the question may arise, how to smoke badder wax? Smoking the cannabinoid can be a great way to take your experience to the next level. But do you know how to go about it? This post explores some popular methods for smoking badder so that you can get the most out of your cannabis concentrate experience. Keep reading to learn more.

Ways to Smoke Badder

Joints, pipes, bongs, and hookahs are all acceptable smoking devices for badder wax. For obvious reasons, utilizing a dab rig is the most common way for people to smoke badder. You can also “twax” your cannabis, which is another smoking technique. This section provides a detailed analysis of each option, helping you to make an informed choice on how to use your badder wax.

Consider learning more about badder meaning before you can learn how to smoke this product.

Dabbing Badder

The term “dabbing” may sound more sophisticated than it actually is; it involves vaporizing live badder on a heated surface called a nail rather than burning it. First off, let’s define dabbing. It uses a heated surface (usually titanium, quartz, or ceramic nail) to extract cannabinoids from cannabis concentrates like badder.

You might be intimidated by the rig itself if you’ve never dabbed before. To the good news side, dabbing badder concentrate isn’t hard to master. You can do it like a pro in no time with a little practice.

Follow these steps to dab badder more effectively:

  • Preparation: Make sure you have everything you need before you start. You can have a great dab session with just a little planning. You’ll also need a dab rig, torch, nail, and any other dab tool besides your badder. For more precise temperature readings, a terp timer could be used; however, this is optional. 
  • Prepare your badder dab: Get your dab set up before you start your dabbing session. Prepare a small amount of concentrate using your dab instrument. Remember that budder has a far higher THC content than regular cannabis.
  • Heat the nail: Prepare your dab setup by heating the nail with a torch. You need to get it nice and steaming hot.
  • Put in some live THC badder. Don’t dab straight from the budder container; add some live THC budder. Stop for a moment and let your nail cool down. Dab ready, your mouth goes over the mouthpiece. Apply the dab to the nail, then slowly inhale smoke through the rig while rotating the tool.
  • Smoke and enjoy: Let your guard down and just chill out. You can take a puff when there’s enough smoke in the pipe. Badder is so potent that you won’t need to take a deep drag. After you have finished taking in the necessary information, you can finally exhale. You can kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor as soon as that occurs.

Twaxing Badder

To twax is to smoke, period. Twaxing starts with mixing dried weed with badder wax or other concentrates. Think of it as “seasoning” your pipe, bong, or joint. By increasing the concentration of your smoke, badder provides a novel experience.

Keep in mind that when you twax, you are effectively smoking badder. Therefore, you are combusting your focus and your taste buds. Consequently, the smoke could be more abrasive, and you might end up breathing in stuff you didn’t intend to. We suggest using a bong if you decide to go this route. 

The water acts as a filter, removing many harmful substances while reducing the smoke’s temperature. Also, a longer neck allows the smoke to rise more quickly. This results in a more pleasant and gentler high.

The procedure for twaxing badder is as follows:

  • Prepare your roll, pipe, or bowl as usual: The twaxing process starts normally enough. Prepare a bowl or rolling paper with your preferred amount of ground marijuana.
  • Add Badder: Now comes the exciting part. When your buds are ready, you can add a touch of live budder by sprinkling some on top. To prepare a joint for smoking, simply roll it up and twist the tip.
  • Take a few deep breaths and enjoy: Add your budder weed, and take your hit as usual. However, you should expect a more heated exchange. Put out the flame, take a few deep breaths, and unwind with a bowl or joint.

Remember that smoking cannabis can expose users to toxic smoke and carcinogens, so ensure you practice safe smoking techniques.

In addition to smoking badder, there are many other ways of consuming this cannabis concentrate.


Vaping is one of the most popular methods for consuming badder. This involves using a device, such as a vape pen or mod, to heat the badder until it vaporizes, then inhaling the vapors. Vaping allows for quick and easy absorption of the active ingredients in badder, making it a popular choice among medical marijuana patients and recreational users. 

When vaping badder, it is important to ensure the device is set to the correct temperature to avoid burning the product. For best results, use a device with temperature control settings and adjust it until you find the perfect temperature. Be sure always to follow safety guidelines when using any electronic device.


Badder edibles offer a unique way to experience the effects of badder wax without having to smoke it. Edibles are created by infusing cannabis into foods, drinks, and other consumable items. Badder edibles can come in various forms, such as baked goods, candies, chocolates, and drinks like tea or coffee. 

The effects of consuming badder edibles can be significantly different from smoking the concentrate and provide a longer-lasting and more intense effect. When making edibles, it is important to use the proper dosage to avoid overconsumption. Badder edibles can be an excellent option for those who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without the need to inhale smoke or vapor.

How to Smoke Budder

Badder vs budder cannabis concentrates are nearly identical in many aspects, so the two are smoked similarly. Budder is smoked by placing a cap on the nail and inhaling the vapor of the concentrate. You can use budder in various ways, including dabbers, vape pens, bowls of flowers, and blunts. Getting hit has instant repercussions, so remember to ease into things gradually.

Inhale the smoke by applying the dab on the nail and rotating the tool while sucking air into the rig. Take some deep breaths in and out, loosen yourself, and take it all in. It’s possible to take a drag after enough smoke in the apparatus. With budder, you won’t need to inhale deeply to feel its effects.

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