thca diamonds

Weed diamonds, also known as THCa diamonds, are one of the hottest products in the cannabis market today. They have recently become a staple in the cannabis industry, offering high-potency, full-flavored, and incredible aroma, providing up to 99.9% THCa and about 1-3% of terpenes and other cannabinoids. When heated, the THCa crystals convert into the active ingredient known as THC, which creates the euphoric feeling and high.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or looking to try the latest product on the market, here is our go-to guide for everything THCa diamonds. We will discuss how THCa diamonds are made, how to enjoy them, and what makes them different from the rest of the products in the cannabis world. 

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What Are THCa Diamonds?

THCa diamonds, also referred to weed diamonds, are one of the industry’s fastest-growing products. Just like other cannabis concentrates, diamonds can also be smoked or vaped to alleviate a number of conditions and symptoms, such as anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, and so much more. Once the THCa crystals are heated, they liquify and convert into the active ingredient known as THC, which creates the euphoric feeling and high.

As their name suggests, they are called ‘diamonds’ because they truly resemble real diamond stones, presenting a crystalline structure. While some diamonds have a pure white color, others can present as yellowish-gold if terpenes are present. THCa diamonds can range in size, from a grain of salt to a large chunk of crystals.

Weed diamonds are nearly 100% cannabinoids; however, they generally do not contain terpenes, which means they are odorless and tasteless. On the other hand, when weed diamonds are mixed with terpene “sauce,” they convert into a liquid texture, creating a sauce of liquid diamonds.

How Are Pure THCa Diamonds Made?

THCa diamonds are made using a number of different processes. The most common way of creating THCa diamonds is through supersaturation. Similar to other concentrates, the crystalline structures begin as a biomass that goes through a chemical extraction method. Light hydrocarbons, such as propane or butane, are used because they provide low boiling points, which is crucial in order to preserve the terpenes in the extract.

Freshly-frozen cannabis is used to make the live resin, which is the starting extract that is essential in creating the crystalline structures. Live resin contains a high-level concentrate of terpenes due to the fact that the maximum level of terpenes are preserved during harvest by freezing the cannabis.

After the extraction process, the extract is then put through a purging process to remove any leftover butane solvent from the final product. Now the crystalline structures will form over time. The separation process will begin to produce diamonds as well as the terpene sauce. 

Depending on the environment, it can take many weeks for the process to complete. Once the cannabinoids have completely separated from the liquid terpenes, the THCa diamonds will go through one last purge to get rid of the rest of the leftover solvent. 

How to Enjoy THCa Diamonds

THCa diamonds can be enjoyed just like many other concentrates. Heating the diamonds by smoking or vaping are the best ways to enjoy the concentrates fullest potential and rapid-acting effects. Many cannabis users like to heat the dab nail using a butane torch and applying a dab of the diamonds inside of the nail so it can vaporize. 

It is important to know that THCa diamonds contain a significant amount of THCa (more than the normal amount), which then converts to THC when it is heated. Therefore, THC users that are inexperienced or have a low tolerance should start out by consuming the smallest amount possible (a grain of rice or smaller) and wait a few minutes for the effects to kick in to determine how it will affect you. Generally, the effects last around 2-3 hours. You can always gradually build upon the dosage over time to better understand your tolerance. 

Another great way that diamonds can be enjoyed is with whole-flower cannabis if you want to add an extra level of potency. You can sprinkle some of the diamonds into your joint and smoke it. Diamonds can also be sprinkled onto the top of the flower in a bong bowl or pipe.

Where to Buy THCa Diamonds

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