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Vaporizers provide an inconspicuous and handy alternative to smoking flower, allowing users to puff away at their own discretion without the hassle of rolling a joint. With cannabis vaping growing in popularity, there’s tons of vaporizers and vape juices on the market. But, with each product providing a different flavor, potency, and experience altogether, you might prefer to make your own THC vape juice.

Whether you have a go-to strain and want to try vaping it, have vaped flower but want to experience vape juice, or if you’ve used your fair share of vape pens but want to experiment with your own flavors and potencies, making your own vape juice can be a great option.

What is THC Vape Juice?

THC vape juice is a highly concentrated form of THC liquid (the ingredient in weed that gets you high) that you can load into a weed vape pen or other vaporizers. Made from the extraction of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes from cannabis flowers, the effects of THC vape juice are often stronger than smoking bud, due to the higher potency. Premade juices are also available for purchase at many dispensaries. 

Benefits of Making Your Own THC Vape Juice 

Vaping weed has become a favorite method among cannabis users for a number of reasons, including:

  • THC vape pens are discreet and easy to use
  • Minimal odor and no smoke involved
  • Can provide more potency with a quick onset

You’ll see these benefits with any portable vaporizer, but when it comes to making your own THC vape juice, you’ll reap even more rewards, such as:

  • More control over your juice’s THC potency and content
  • Controlling your preferred flavors and other add-ins
  • You know what you’re vaping (no mystery chemicals)
  • Saving money
  • Having fun with it


There are several methods to make THC vape juice. Because it can be made from wax, rosin, or bud, you can try different techniques to find the one that suits your needs best.

THC Vape Juice Made from Wax

For this method you will need: THC wax and propylene glycol (PG) or liquidizer.

  1. Gently heat about a gram of your wax over the stove.
  2. Mix in a couple drops of your liquidizer or PG and heat for a few more seconds.
  3. Use a syringe to load into your vaporizer.
  4. Enjoy!

THC Vape Juice Made from Rosin

For this method you will need rosin and PG or liquidizer. Follow the above steps, swapping out your wax with about half a gram of rosin. Take special care not to overheat the rosin, or you may lose some of the potency.

THC Vape Juice Made from Bud

This method allows for either a long-term extraction or a quick extraction, but to begin with, you’ll need to decarboxylate your weed to wake up the active ingredients you’ll extract later on. You may be familiar with this process if you’ve ever made edibles. 

  1. Break up your weed into small chunks (or grind coarsely), placing them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  2. Cover with foil to avoid losing too many terpenes when heating.
  3. Place into the oven set to 240 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour, checking occasionally.
  4. Remove from the oven once your bud has become light brown.

Long-term Extraction

This process is super easy, but you’ll need to wait a few months before you can enjoy your THC vape juice. This added wait time enhances your vape juice as it extracts, leaving you with a more potent product. You will need: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), a cheesecloth, a wire strainer, and a glass jar.

  1. Transfer your cooled decarbed weed into the glass jar.
  2. Mix one part PG and one part VG, then pour into your glass jar to cover the buds – the amount depends on how much vape juice you’d like to make.
  3. Give it a stir, then store in a cool, dark place.
  4. Stir every few weeks, topping up on your PG and VG mix if the buds seem exposed.
  5. After three months (or until you’re happy with the result), strain your vape juice with the strainer into another container.
  6. Wrap the remaining buds in a cheesecloth and strain again into the container.
  7. Use a syringe to load your vaporizer, and enjoy!

Quick Extraction

This method is much faster than long-term extraction, as you’ll introduce heat to speed things up. You will need the above materials, as well as two thermometers and a large saucepan or pot.

  1. Carry out steps one and two for the long-term extraction.
  2. Heat water in your pan until it reaches 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Place your glass jar into the water (carefully so as not to let water seep in) and place the second thermometer into the jar.
  4. Let heat to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and maintain this temperature for about an hour.
  5. Remove the jar from the water and let cool.
  6. Strain your juice with the strainer, then strain your buds with the cheesecloth.
  7. Use a syringe to load your vaporizer, and enjoy!

How to Vape THC Vape Juice

Once your THC vape juice is ready, vaping it is a piece of cake.

  1. Ensure your vaporizer is charged, turned off, and cool when you fill it with your juice.
  2. Turn your vaporizer on and set your desired temperature (if your vaporizer supports this function).
  3. Inhale slowly, then exhale. This can be a good way to determine the potency of your vape juice, so pace yourself. It’s recommended you take one or two hits, then wait for some time before going again.
  4. Refill as needed. If your juice loses its flavor or tastes burned, clean out the tank and fill it again.

If you’re looking for the right products to get you started with THC vape juice, Dripp Extracts is here to help. With years of experience offering the best cannabis products in the industry, we ensure our customers receive optimum care and attention from our seasoned cannabis professionals. Get in touch with us today for more information on our offerings, which showcase how weed was intended to be enjoyed.

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