how to dry cannabis

Drying and curing cannabis are crucial processes in order to reach optimal results for the buds. These important processes contribute to preserving and emphasizing the flavors by maintaining the terpenes and cannabinoids, while reducing the chlorophyll and removing the vegetable-like taste of the plant. The flavor, smell, and potency are all crucial elements of growing high-quality cannabis. Now, the drying process is the first step to drying the buds. This usually occurs in the open air. When a plant has just been freshly harvested, it can lose up to 75% of weight due to loss in moisture, as well as the other parts of the plant that are trimmed off, such as leaves, stems, branches, etc. Dry trimming happens after the actual drying process. However, when wet trimming happens, it happens in the opposite order. 

how to dry cannabis

The actual drying process shouldn’t take a lot of time, nor should it happen too quickly either. If the drying process is done too quickly, then the external part of the buds will appear dry but the internal part won’t be. And if the drying process takes too long, then the buds can grow mold over time. When the buds are finally done with the trimming and drying process, they are then placed in sealed glass containers or jars to start the curing process. The airtight containers prevent loss of moisture to the buds, which allows the buds to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids, which are the flavors and aromas. 

How Long Does it Take to Dry Cannabis?

The drying process takes about 2-7 days. However, if there is wet trimming involved, then dry trimming is usually shorter since the plant was trimmed before and the plant has less to dry.

Dry trimming can be done while the plants hang upside down from a hanger or line. This prevents the buds from experiencing any distortion, such as flattening, as they dry.

On the other hand, wet trimming should be done on a drying rack. 

Regardless of whether you are wet or dry trimming, you should always check for drying branches and buds once two days have passed. You can do this by bending a stem or branch. If the stem or branch snaps when you bend it, this means that the buds are dry. However, if they don’t snap, then try checking it again the next day.

How to Set Up a Room For Drying Cannabis

Drying harvested cannabis should take place in a dark room and the temperature should be between 60-70°F with a humidity level of 55-65%. A helpful tool to have to ensure optimal results is a hygrometer, which will monitor these levels. In addition, you should have a small fan in the room to help circulate the air. It is possible that you will need to have a dehumidifier or an air conditioner; however, these two are optional. 

If the drying process is taking too long in the room, then you will need to readjust the temperature and/or humidity to help with the drying process.

Here are the helpful tools that should be used:

  • A drying rack or a line to hang buds
  • Hygrometer to monitor humidity and temperature levels
  • Fan
  • AC
  • Dehumidifier 

Keep in mind that an AC unit and dehumidifier are optional and the need for them generally depends on the environment levels, such as temperature and humidity. 

How Are the Buds Dried Without Hanging on a Line?

When trimming the buds while wet, a flat rack will be needed. Because there will be many individual buds, they cannot be hung. Therefore, flat racks will be needed for the process. The flat racks should have circular layers of mesh, which are ideal for airflow. 

After the buds have been wet-trimmed, they will need to be dried on a flat rack for 2-3 days. You can check after 2-3 days to see if they have dried enough by squeezing them gently. If they are too wet, then let them dry for another day and check again then.

How to Cure Cannabis

Once your cannabis is dry and trimmed and ready for the curing process, you will need to make sure to have airtight glass containers handy to put the dried buds in. Airtight glass containers are essential, as they help to prevent loss of moisture and preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids (flavors and aromas). Curing generally takes two weeks to a month. The humidity inside of the airtight containers should be at 55-65% in order to achieve optimal results. 

Why is the Curing Process So Important?

The curing process is often overlooked when it comes to harvesting cannabis. The curing process is extremely important, as it impacts the flavor, smell, and quality of smoke. If the cannabis does not experience the ideal curing process, it can diminish the quality of the buds and potency. As a result, this is why having airtight glass jars or containers, as well as a hygrometer, are so essential to the process.

Drying and curing cannabis certainly takes a great amount of attention to detail and dedication. Hopefully, this article provided you with enough information to get started on your journey to growing your own cannabis or has provided you with insight for individuals curious about the process.

how to dry cannabis

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