How long does live resin stay in your system?

Are you a marijuana user who is wondering how long live resin stays in your system? Are you wanting to apply for a new job that requires a pre-employment drug screening? Or does your current employer require periodic drug testing, and you’re afraid that you may be fired for using cannabis? You are not alone. 

As marijuana regulations and product availability have become more relaxed over the years, cannabis users have many different product options now available – and live resin is one of them. With their concentrated cannabinoid content and unique terpene profiles, resin-enhanced extracts provide an intense user experience that most people find both enjoyable and quite distinctive. 

However, if you’re like many users, you may be left asking yourself just how long does cannabis stay in your body after consuming live resin? The answer isn’t quite so straightforward.  In this blog post, we will go into detail about different drug testing procedures and the factors that might influence their outcomes.

Five factors that influence how long live resin stays in your system

The best way to determine how long live resin stays in your system is to understand the process by which it interacts with our bodies. When we consume cannabis—whether via smoking, vaping, or ingesting edibles—our bodies convert the included THC into its metabolized form: 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite is more potent than regular THC and is therefore responsible for many of the psychoactive effects experienced when consuming marijuana products. Here are five factors that may influence how long live resin can be detected in your system

  • Metabolism    

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body processes food and other substances. Metabolism levels vary from person to person and will directly influence how long even the very best live resin extracts stay in your system. Generally, people with faster metabolisms are likely to process cannabis quicker than those with slower ones. 

  • Dosage

The dosage of which you consume live resin or cannabis products has a direct impact on how long it will stay in your system. Higher doses can typically remain detectable for longer periods, while lower doses usually dissipate more quickly. 

  • Body fat percentage

Cannabinoids like THC are lipid-soluble molecules that bind to fats in our bodies, and as a result, they tend to accumulate more in people with higher body fat percentages. If you’re someone with a higher body fat index, this could mean that live resin will stay in your system longer than if you had lower levels of body fat. 

  • Frequency of use

The more regularly you consume live resin or cannabis products, the more likely it is to remain in your system for an extended period. This is because THC stores itself in fatty tissue and can accumulate over time if it isn’t eliminated from your system quickly enough.

Types of drug tests and their effects on cannabis detection

Another factor that can influence the results of a drug screening is the type of test being used to detect the THC in your system. Depending on the company, they may use urine, saliva, hair, or blood tests to determine if someone has consumed marijuana recently. Urine tests are the best at detecting cannabis use within the past 30 days, while saliva and blood tests can detect more recent ingestion of THC (within 24-48 hours). 

  • Hair testing

THC can lurk inside your hair for up to three months after using marijuana, making daily or frequent users more likely to be detected. Unfortunately, there is also a risk of false positives for non-users with this kind of testing because oils from the skin of a person with consistent exposure to cannabis smoke can easily seep into the hair follicles—potentially causing a failure of the test.

  • Urine testing

No matter how much you consume, the presence of THC in your system can be revealed through a urine test. For those who occasionally use their vape pen or eat an edible, traces will likely be detected only briefly—typically up to 3 days for vaping and 1-5 days when edibles are involved. However, heavy users could find themselves detectable across a longer timeframe—possibly even reaching 30 days or more.

  • Saliva testing

Although it is the least accurate of all drug tests, saliva testing for THC can still be useful for employers who want to discover short-term marijuana use. It has been said that live resin and other cannabis products consumed through edibles or vaping could potentially show up within 48 hours after using, although others claim that some tests have found traces of THC after 72 hours.

  • Blood testing

The best way to detect marijuana use is through a blood test. Many medical professionals claim that blood testing can detect THC in the bloodstream for up to four days after consuming live resin or other cannabis products. However, this timeframe varies depending on the individual and their frequency of use. Those who consume frequently could potentially have detectable levels of THC in their system for up to two weeks.

At the end of the day, it’s best to know how long marijuana-based extracts stay in your system before using them to avoid failing any drug tests. One of the best ways to ensure a successful outcome is by purchasing only the very best live resin strains available today.  Top-tier products are tested more rigorously to ensure that they don’t contain any unwanted compounds or THC levels.  However, if you are certain that you have a drug test coming up soon, it is best to avoid using live resin altogether until after the test. 

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With a better understanding of how long cannabis stays in your system, it’s easier to know what to expect if you ever need to take a drug test. Be sure to always purchase the best live resin products from reliable suppliers like Dripp Extracts for an enjoyable, stress-free experience with cannabis extracts. Dripp products are rigorously tested and contain the best quality live resin that you can find—guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable experience every time. For more information on the very best live resin products on the market, contact Dripp Extracts today.

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