how does cannabis flower

Any mistakes made during the flowering phase can certainly impact the quality and amount of your harvest. As a result, it is imperative to understand this step-by-step process to ensure that your harvest is perfect every time.

The first weeks of the flowering stage for cannabis plants require longer periods of uninterrupted darkness. During this particular stage, your cannabis plants will no longer grow, but instead, they put all of that energy into developing the buds, otherwise known as the flowers. When this process is done outdoors, this process generally is ideal during the times around the end of summer – this is due to days becoming shorter around this season. However, if you plan to grow indoors, then the flowering stage will start once you turn your lights off and the plants receive 10-23 hours of darkness. 

For the majority of cannabis strains, the flowering stage takes about 7-9 weeks. However, certain sativa strains may require a longer period of time in order for their buds to mature.

The flowering stage is very specific, meaning that the time periods really depend on the type of strain that you are growing. With that being said, it is important to realize that your plants may not experience this same exact schedule that we are going to get into in the article; however, it is more of a universal guideline that you can follow. Now, let’s discuss the flowering phase week-by-week.

how does cannabis flower

Weeks 1, 2, and 3

Once the flowering stage begins, you will notice a significant change in your plants’ growth. This is because your plant will transition to the flowering stage right away. Within the first few weeks of flowering, there are many cannabis strains that will pick up considerable growth. Therefore, it is important to know this when it comes to feeding your plants properly and also giving them enough space to grow. 

Week 1: Don’t be surprised if you notice that your plant doubles in height during this time. The first week is known as the stretch phase of the flowering process. Aside from growing in height and size, you will notice that a number of leaves will start to develop at the top of the colas. Your plant will be growing leaves and stems, leading to a stronger and more stable plant.

Week 2: During week two, you will notice the white pistils that should begin to grow on female plants during this time. White pistils are characterized by thin, wispy white hairs. Later on, these white hairs will develop into buds. 

However, if your plant is a male, then it won’t develop these white “hairs.” Instead, male plants will grow small sacs filled with pollen. Now is the time to distinguish your male plants and female plants and separate them. Distinguishing the sex of your plants is a helpful tip that will surely help you.

Week 3: In week three, your pants have not stopped growing just yet. At this point, they will be about 50% bigger than they were just a few weeks ago. While they are still stretching in week three, the stretching will begin to slow down and soon come to a complete stop. Where you once spotted the hairs, you will now see the first signs of the buds.

Week 4: At this point, your plant will likely have stopped growing completely. Now is the time when the plants will focus their energy on growing buds. You will still notice the thin white hairs but the buds will become bigger each day. Now with the buds developing, the plant will now produce more trichomes, which makes the aroma a lot more prominent at this stage. 

Week 5: During this stage, you will notice that the buds will become significantly thicker. You may also notice new buds that grow in new places. As a result, your plant will become thicker each day. That is how you know you are in the flowering phase. In addition, you will also notice a more intense aroma than ever before. The pistil hairs will now become a little darker and some opaque hairs.

Weeks 6, 7, and 8: Because there are so many different strains, it is important to remember that not all of them require the same amount of time for flowering. However, the majority of strains generally harvest in the last three weeks. Keep in mind that not many strains will be complete before week eight.

Helpful Tips to Know

It is no secret that growing cannabis plants can be intimidating for first-time growers. However, these helpful tips will go a long way throughout your growing process, ensuring a great harvest. Once you get the idea of the process, it will become easier as you start to learn more. Here are helpful tips you should know:

  • Identify the sex of your plants
  • Fix any issues before the flowering stage 
  • Make the transition into the flowering stage as seamless as possible
  • Ensure that the lighting is right
  • Don’t transplant your plants too close to the time they bloom
  • Train and trim your plants
  • Ensure the right humidity level
  • Closely monitor the temperature 
  • Provide support for heavy buds
  • Prevent light burn
  • Use a hygrometer to monitor temperature and humidity levels

how does cannabis flower

Hopefully, these tips can help make your harvest an easy one, ensuring a perfect result!

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