Live Resin vs. Distillate

Cannabis lovers are always on the lookout for new and fascinating ways of getting high, but the real question is, does live resin get you more high? Varied types of cannabis extracts have found their way into people’s recreational lives over the past few years. Different parts of the cannabis plant are studied to create diverse extracts. Some are stronger than others.

Out of all, distillate and live resin are the primary forms used for vaping. 

To understand this, let’s first explore both forms and analyze their differences.

Live resin is an extract from the flowers of the cannabis plant. It is a crystallized, thick liquid that may remind you of the bottom most part of honey. To make live resin, the cannabis plant is harvested at the right time and immediately frozen. This keeps the flower fresh and preserves the plant hair, also known as the trichomes. 

Natural compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids grow and survive on trichomes. Fresh flowers retain the terpene profile to give an intense flavor and a strong aroma. As the terpenes are live, they enhance the fruity taste.


When comparing live resin vs. distillate, we need to look at several factors. From the fundamental extraction process to the recreational smoking experience, the two differ in everything. Live resin is the fresh extract while distillate is the processed liquid. Imagine live resin as the freshly extracted fruit juice while distillate as the bottled, store-bought juice. 

Let’s further understand how live resin is different from distillate

Cold vs. Hot Extraction

The core difference between the extraction process of live resin and distillate is the temperature. Live resin undergoes cold extraction as we freeze the plant. Distillate undergoes hot extraction as we begin with drying the plant. We can produce both on the same machinery. But their post-extraction processes differ in the use of solvents and methods.   

In simple words, when the plant is fresh and frozen, the extract produced is live resin. This is ready to go after decarboxylation while distillate is further processed through fractional short-path distillation.  

High Terpene vs. Cannabinoid 

Live resin is high in terpenes and low in cannabinoids. The whole purpose of using fresh flowers in live resin is to keep the essence of terpenes alive. On the other hand, the cannabinoid is separated during the distillation process, resulting in the distillate. This means distillate is primarily made of cannabinoids. It has no terpene. 

Cannabinoids are psychoactive, but terpenes are not. Cannabinoids can affect the mind and behavior. Terpenes are often mixed with cannabinoids to create a euphonious impact also known as the ‘entourage effect.’  

Flavorful vs. Subtle Flavor

The two extracts offer diverse smoking experiences. Terpene gives a strong flavor and smell to the cannabis plant. As we know it is high in terpenes and has a powerful taste. Vaping live resin gives you a rich, juicy punch and fills your mouth with an enriching flavor. It releases a deep aroma similar to the fresh flower of the cannabis plant.  

During the distillation process, most of the terpene content is lost. This makes distillate lose its aroma and flavor and gives it a subdued taste and smell. For people who do not enjoy biting into a dominant cannabis flavor, distillate is often used in edibles. Besides, most flavored vape pens combine distillate with terpene. 

Expensive vs. Cheap Price

There is a difference in the price points of both extracts. They vary due to the quality of the substances. Live resin is expensive while distillate is cheap. This is because live resin is made from fresh flowers. To keep a high level of terpenes, the whole flower along with its leaves is used. 

Terpene is lost during distillation. Hence, it is futile to use the entire flower while producing distillate. Cheaper materials like trim, shake, and leaves are used to make distillate, thus reducing the cost. 

Impact of Live Resin

Now, coming back to our prime question, does live resin get you more high?

The short answer is yes. Live resin is strong and pure. Imagine, smoking the dried flower from the cannabis plant. Live resin gives you that kind of high. The concentrated amount of terpenes in live resin boosts the effects of cannabinoids. The combination of the two creates a synergic impact. Live resin offers a powerful high, leaving dominant and long-lasting effects on your physical and mental state. 

Alternatively, the concentrated amount of THC in distillate offers a robust high, too. It happens immediately after consuming it. But it lasts for a short period as there are no other significant cannabinoids and terpenes present to enhance the entourage effect.

Best live resin and distillate products from Dripp Extract

Live resin and distillate are both made for distinct purposes. Each of them has its fans. The basic difference between the two is the purity of the product. Which one to choose, depends on your preferences. If you are looking for a short, quick, and discreet high, go for distillate. If you want a flavorful, long-lasting, and harmonious impact, pick live resin. 

Before you buy, make sure to test the processor and facility where the material is being produced. Check for hygiene and legal compliances. Take a look at the lab test results for the batch you want to buy. 

Whatever you prefer, getting a superior quality product is important for a pleasant experience. If you are in search of a trusted, professional seller, look no further than Dripp Extract. We offer a variety of live resin and distillate products for you to enjoy a potent high. Their products are delicately crafted in the purest forms for an amusing escapade.

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