do male or female cannabis plants have seeds

There are several different parts that make up a cannabis plant. Many of these features can be found on a flowering plant. Cannabis, in particular, has long, thin stems along with its distinguishably large fan leaves that extend from the nodes. The cannabis plant has distinct features and truly stands out for its flowers, otherwise known as buds. The buds contain cannabinoids and terpenes, which are aromatic and flavorful compounds that result in a high, along with other health benefits. In addition, cannabis buds form intricate details, including vibrant hairs, sugary crystals, and thick buds that surround the leaves.

Determining the sex of a plant is done by checking the nodes, which is the area where the leaves and branches grow from the stalk. Male plants contain pollen sacs and female plants contain the stigma, which enables the female to catch the pollen. The male plants do not contain any seeds; however, do have pollen sacs, which pollinate the female plants that initiate seed production. 

do male or female cannabis plants have seeds

Parts of the Cannabis Plant

Seeds: The seeds are derived from the female cannabis plant and contain the genetics of a male and female. In order to germinate, the seeds need to sprout, resulting in a taproot, which will then turn into the main root that provides a foundation for the plant.

Cotyledon leaves: After germination, the cotyledon leaves are the first leaves to grow. These leaves typically come in pairs and are a sign of successful germination and that your plant will grow strong and healthy.

Roots: The roots stem out from the main stalk of the plant, leading to the soil. When roots grow from the seed, this is called the “taproot.” Roots are essentially the lifeline of the plant, which helps bring in oxygen and water in order for the plant to grow strong and healthy.

Stem: The stem, otherwise known as the stalk, grows from the bottom up, coming from the root system, and provides support for the branches. The stem provides support and structure for the cannabis plant. Usually, growers will cut the stems off after the first five nodes. This allows the plant to grow more laterally, which will contribute to more bud spots.

Branches: The branches grow from the main stem and provide support for the fan leaves and buds. Many growers train the cannabis plant by topping or cutting the branches so that there are more bud sites that develop.

Node: The node is the part of the plant in which the branch grows off into its own main stem or transitions from one branch to another. Buds and fan leaves are able to grow on some nodes throughout the plant; however, they don’t necessarily grow on every node. 

When determining the sex of the plant, the pre-flowers, otherwise known as the start of the male and female sex organs, will show up at the nodes. You will also notice some spacing in between nodes and this is called internodal spacing, which will give you an idea of whether the plant will grow short or tall.

Fan leaves: The fan leaves are the large, distinct leaves of the cannabis plant. They take in light for the plant and usually contain little-to-no resin and are usually removed when trimming. 

Sugar leaves: Sugar leaves are the smaller leaves that have resin. These leaves are the leaves that the buds grow around. Typically, these leaves are trimmed during harvest and can be used for various cannabis products, such as pre-rolls, extracts, and more. 

Flowers: The flowers, otherwise known as the buds, are the benefits of your hard work. The buds contain cannabinoids and terpenes, which are aromatic and flavorful compounds that result in a high, along with other health benefits. The buds, however, only grow on female cannabis plants.

Cola: Cola is also referred to as the bud site, which is the area in which a cluster of buds grows firmly together. The smaller colas appear along the areas of the lower branches, while the main cola, also known as the apical bud, appears at the top of the plant.

Bract and calyx: The bract is what holds the female reproductive parts. They look like tear-shaped leaves and contain a high level of resin, which produces the highest level of cannabinoids in all the plant parts. The calyx is also part of the female plant, which is enclosed by the bracts. It is the translucent layer that forms over the flower’s base.

Stigma and pistil: The pistil is comprised of the reproductive parts of the flower and the bright strands of what looks like “hair” are called the stigmas. Stigmas collect pollen from the male plants. The stigmas change color over a period of time. They start off as white and gradually darken as the plant becomes more mature, which then turns into a more vibrant red or brown color. 

Trichomes: The trichomes are very small in size, but are hard to miss, as they appear as the crystal resin that covers the bud. Trichomes serve to protect against elements and predators. The trichomes contain terpenes, which are aromatic oils that are known as therapeutic cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.

do male or female cannabis plants have seeds

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