can you vape marijuana

The popularity of marijuana keeps growing. People use it for medical as well as recreational purposes. The growing interest leads to the discovery of new ways of consuming it. There has been constant innovation in making marijuana more pleasurable, accessible and safe.

One of the most popular cannabis consumption devices is the vaporizer. But can you vape marijuana? Yes! Let’s understand the process.

Why should you use a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that allows you to smoke cannabis while making it less harmful. In smoking, cannabis is heated in an open flame. On the other hand, a vaporizer heats cannabis at a lower temperature. When a patient inhales medical cannabinoids through vaping, it reaches their blood and brain quickly and works to relieve their symptoms. Vaporization eliminates combustion and thus reduces harmful substances otherwise present in cannabis smoke.

There are several other benefits of vaping. Some of them are:

Easy to use

Vaporizers are modern devices. They come in small, portable sizes and are easy to use. It is convenient to carry and use vaporizers at any time.

Subtle smell

Marijuana vapes contain a subdued aroma compared to smoking. The vapors dissipate quickly. This enables you to vape without disturbing others around you.


As cannabis is heated at a low temperature while vaping, it activates terpenes within the plant and creates a more flavorful experience than smoking.  


Vaporizers are versatile as they offer the option to consume any flower strain. You can pick from a wide variety of products and enjoy distinct effects. Such flexibility is not available with other smoke-free options like capsules and edibles.


When you vape marijuana, you can choose to take small inhales and control the level of intake. Vaporizers allow patients to be considerate of their dosage and stop when their symptoms are relieved. 

What are the parts of the vaporizer?

You can use several products while vaping cannabis flowers. Let’s explore some common units of the device:


The oven is known as the heating chamber. This is the place where the cannabis flower is loaded and heated. Depending on the vaporizer, the shape, size and placement of the heating chamber differ. Vaporizers of supreme quality heat the cannabis flower from all sides to maximize the airflow through the material.


Some vaporizers come with an internal, rechargeable battery. Some others require a power supply to operate. You can plug them directly into the wall.


The inhaler or the mouthpiece is the key component from where you inhale the vapors. They come in different designs. Some have tiny rubber or glass pathways while others come with a long hose-like unit. Besides this, some come with inflatable bags full of vapors to let you inhale multiple times.


Some vaporizers come with a small button or dial. These are used to control the temperature and set it to a desired level.

Cleaning tools

Cleaning the vaporizers is important to maximize their efficiency. Thus, vaporizers often come with cleaning tools such as small swabs, brushes and replacement parts.

How to vape marijuana?

Now, let’s understand how to vape marijuana.

Heat the device

The first step for vaping is to heat the device. The device starts warming as soon as you turn it on. It may take a couple of minutes to reach the desired heat level. Some vaporizers light up when the set temperature is met.

Insert the contents

Once the device is heated, insert the cannabis flower contents into the heating chamber. Make sure to grind the flower well before inserting it. When grounded, heat seeps into the material and activates cannabinoids for an efficient marijuana vape. Use a grinder to grind the flower, as using your hands may affect its potency. After you load the chamber, close it tightly.

Set the temperature

Vaporizers come with custom or fixed temperature control. There may even be high, medium and low settings. It is recommended to set the temperature between 360 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are looking for a mild effect, go under 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Contrastingly, go over 400 degrees Fahrenheit if you want a powerful impact for symptom relief.

Start inhaling

The next step is to begin inhaling. You know that the device is ready when you are able to see and taste the vapors. Take slow and long inhales for a pleasurable experience.

Reload and discard

While you are vaping, cannabinoids start decreasing and the flowers change their color from green to brown. Once the vapor loses its volume and flavor, it’s time for you to reload the chamber with fresh cannabis or finish your session and discard the leftovers.

How to purchase a marijuana vaporizer?

With the increasing popularity, the number of vaporizers has increased, too. Check the following criteria while picking the right vaporizer for you:


Do you prefer inhaling the flower or its concentrates? Depending on the design of the vaporizer, they may work with one or both. For example, marijuana vape pens are used for vaping concentrates.


Vaporizers designed for the flower or both cost more than the ones designed for concentrates only. The high-end devices cost between $80 and $300 or more. The inexpensive products come with limited features and are sufficient for a basic vape experience.


Vaporizers come in different shapes and sizes. They range from tiny, pocket-friendly devices to large units that sit on a desktop. Portable units come with a rechargeable battery while the large, stationary ones need to be plugged in.  


Like other electronic devices, there are counterfeit vaporizers. Do not fall for steep discounts. Make sure that you purchase your vaporizer from a licensed retailer.

Where to find the best marijuana vape devices?

To get the best quality and authentic vaporizers, choose a trusted name like Dripp Extracts. Our products are engineered with the highest standards to offer you a supreme experience. We make sure that our vaporizers suit your pockets as well as your needs.

So, whether you are looking for a simple, subtle marijuana vape pen or a vibrant, flavorful one, get ready to be spoiled for choices with our variety of options. 

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