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You might have heard about a unique wax with a cool name, live budder, from a friend or seen it on a dispensary’s menu. There are several ways to get lit, including vaping, smoking, and eating edibles, but dabbing is the finest way to consume budder. 

Live cannabis budder packs a powerful punch, has a delicious flavor, and has several helpful side effects. Have a thirst for knowledge about live budder and dabbing cannabis budder? Here’s a comprehensive explanation of what budder is, and the process of producing and dabbing the concentrate.

What Is Budder Strain?

Cannabis budder is a concentrate that looks and feels like butter. It is high in THC. In many cases, cannabis budder is amber or yellowish. It is very potent and can easily contain 80% or more THC. You can use it differently, but “dabbing” or vaporizing is the most common way to use it.

Dabbing Budder Wax

Dabbing is not the same as smoking but entails vaporizing live budder over a heated surface called a nail. For those unfamiliar with dabbing, the rig can appear intimidating. Luckily, dabbing budder isn’t rocket science. In time, you’ll become an expert at it.

  • Put together your budder dab:
    Prepping your dab is the first step in your session. Prepare a dose of concentrate using your dab tool. Put simply, budder has a far higher THC content than regular cannabis buds.
  • Warm it up:
    Warm up the dab rig’s nail using the torch. Make sure it’s nice and steaming hot.
  • Add your THC budder:
    No longer will you dab your budder on the spot. First, you should wait a few seconds for your nail to cool down. Put your lips on the mouthpiece and get out your dabbing implement when you’re ready. To smoke a dab, place it on the nail, rotate the tool, and inhale through the rig while holding your breath.
  • Enjoy
    Take a deep breath, let it out, relax, and take it easy for a moment. When there’s enough smoke in the setup, it’s time to take a drag. Because of the potency of budder, inhaling the smoke is unnecessary. You can let out your breath as soon as you’ve taken in what you need.

Twaxing Budder

Twaxing is combining your bud budder with your dry cannabis before lighting it. Your next smoke session will be unlike any other, thanks to the budder’s added punch of potency. When you twax, you are burning the concentrate and buds, much as when you smoke.

Follow this procedure to twax budder:

  • Prepare your bowl by filling it with ground marijuana of your chosen strain.
  • Scatter a little of live budder on top.
  • Just light up your pipe or bowl and take a deep drag.

You may prefer to stick with dabbing instead of twaxing because the smoke is less pleasant, and you don’t have to risk inhaling anything you don’t want to.

How to Make Budder Wax

As is the case with other concentrates, live bud budder requires a solvent in production. And depending on who manufactured it, the solvent may be butane or carbon dioxide. Raw marijuana buds are placed in a machine, and the solvent is first placed in a pressured tank, where it is transformed to a liquid from gas. 

Initially, the raw cannabis plant material is cleaned with the liquid solvent. THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted during this process. Liquid accumulates elsewhere in the mechanism. Once all traces of solvent have been removed, it is purged. 

What sets budder apart from other forms of cannabis concentrate is the purging procedure. Around the latter half, the liquid is agitated (whipped) to incorporate air. Because of that, it becomes the popular, high-priced dab everyone enjoys.

Crumble vs Live Bud Budder

Budder is a cannabis concentrate that is often mistaken for crumble. The two concentrates are made in somewhat similar ways, but they are distinct enough to be considered two different things.

To add air, budder is whipped, while crumble is stirred much more slowly. Because of this, it doesn’t get as much air. Cannabis budder is silky and smooth, but crumble is very dry and crumbly.

Shatter vs Live THC Budder

Shatter is also a well-known cannabis concentrate. But, unlike budder, it is brittle, see-through, and easy to break apart. When it’s done right, it looks a lot like glass. Again, the way they are made is the main difference between the two. 

Creating shatter does not involve any sort of whipping. Instead, the concentrate is purged under pressure and at a low temperature. Any air that gets into the final product could ruin it. Also, if the crystalline product is not stored properly, it could lose its potency and even turn into a cannabis budder if exposed to light and heat.

Is Budder Dabbing a Safe Method of Smoking?

Remember that live budding is significantly more potent than freshly harvested cannabis flowers. Therefore, a little goes a big way. Excessive consumption is not intrinsically hazardous, although it can cause temporary discomfort. 

Start with a low dose and build it up gradually until you reach the ideal level for the best results to avoid this potential issue. The actual extraction procedure is when things become a little complicated. If the producer isn’t careful, using a solvent like butane might cause all sorts of issues. 

Inappropriately purging the concentrate may result in the retention of butane, which may cause health problems. You should, therefore, constantly ensure you do your research on the manufacturer and dispensary to know who exactly they are. Do your homework, be bold and ask for independent lab reports.

Can you dab cannabis budder?

Dripp Extracts | Best Cannabis Budder

Excellent flavors, incredibly smooth working intensity, and ease of use all characterize live budder. And if you want to light up some budder, you can do so in a few different ways. You can dab budder cannabis using a dab rig, roll a joint with live bud wax, or place it in a bong or pipe bowl.

Dabbing budder is a simple process to master. And budder dab from Dripp Extracts is an incredibly authentic experience for cannabis connoisseurs. Get high-quality cannabis budder that will leave you satisfied for hours from Dripp Extracts.

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