The Dripp mentality is one that emphasizes craftsmanship and efficiency in all processes regardless of their magnitude. We understand the significance of a product’s quality, consistency, and presentation. However, what truly sets our team apart is the ultimate dedication towards shaping a better cannabis market and leaving every buyer a happy consumer. The Dripp approach is one of innovation that progresses towards perfection often yielding the best THC diamonds. We are committed to adhering to the highest standards when it comes to product development and our company conduct. 

Marijuana diamonds are a type of marijuana concentrate that you are able to consume by smoking, or vaping. Dripp is one of the best concentrate brands in California, as a top-shelf extracts brand. As you might have been able to guess, “diamonds” got their name from their appearance of solid, crystal-like structures that are somewhat transparent, very similar to diamonds.

THC crystalline diamonds and other concentrates are a great choice for marijuana consumers, but they can also be intimidating if you have never consumed them before. The biggest thing to keep in mind when consuming the highest quality concentrates is that they will contain three times the concentration of THC than typical flower. Similar to other concentrates, you need to heat up diamond concentrates to consume, but you are able to vape, smoke, or dab your concentrate! Diamond extracts are a great way to experience your marijuana, you can even do a diamonds dab, and Dripp creates only high-quality diamond extracts. Dripp extracts is offering the best tasting concentrates for your consumption.  

What are diamonds?

Put simply, marijuana diamonds are a type of cannabis extract. Cannabis diamonds are so named because the quality of the isolated cannabis has reached an exceptional level of purity to the point where crystalline structures have begun to form from the cannabinoids, making a solid crystal structure. Crystal THC diamonds achieve this level of purity due to the extensive amount of labor that goes into the production process.  This is why the price of a product like diamonds wax THC goes up making cannabis diamonds one of the most expensive options on the cannabis extract spectrum. 

How are cannabis diamonds made?

Diamonds are usually created by implementing the preexisting THCa and CBD in the plant matter and this process can be exercised in a variety of different ways. For THCa diamonds, cannabis that has been freshly-frozen can be used to make live resin and is the first step to making concentrates that crystallize. Alternatively cannabis that has been cured can also produce marijuana diamonds, however, because the terpene levels were at its peak when harvested and that state has been preserved, the concentration of terpenes is higher in live resin and is therefore preferred.

Supersaturation is generally the most typical extraction process used to make cannabis diamonds. Supersaturation is a process that involves the cannabis plant matter being soaked in a solvent, usually consisting of butane, alcohol, or water for an extended period of time allowing the solvent to draw the cannabinoids from the plant into the solvent itself. After it is done soaking, the plant matter is then separated from the now infused in the solvent and is known as crude extract. This needs to undergo further purging to ensure that any potentially harmful chemicals such as butane have been completely eradicated. The final step is to place the remaining product in a dry, dark, cool place and wait and allow the crystals to form. This can take a few weeks to over a month depending on the environmental conditions. To expedite this process some processors may use pentane or another similar solvent, however it isn’t necessary for the crystals to form. 

CBD diamonds are created by using a technique that separates the components of a mixture called chromatography in order to remove anything unwanted from the hemp oil like lipids, fats, and waxes via winterization. Winterization involves heating an alcohol wash to about 120 degrees fahrenheit and then freezing the oil immediately after which will create a CBD distillate. To isolate the CBD from the other cannabinoids remaining in the distillate, a filter is used with which compressed air forces any compounds through based on the size. Because the CBD compounds are smaller they congregate first in the collection chamber with other cannabinoids to follow after a longer duration in the compressed air filter. Once the level of desired purity is reached, the remaining solution is purged by way of heat, and what you’re left with are CBD diamonds. 

How do you use cannabis diamonds?

Like other cannabis concentrates and extracts, there are a few ways to enjoy them. The general consensus is that vaping or smoking concentrates like THC diamond wax is the best way to exercise the full potential of the marijuana diamonds and their effects. A dab-rig is generally the most popular way to enjoy cannabis diamonds. A dab-rig, like a bong, is a water pipe but it has a “nail” instead of a “bowl” where you place your cannabis concentrate or extract instead of your buds. A dab-rig is used in much the same way as a bong, however a hand torch is implemented instead of a lighter because the extract or concentrate needs to reach a higher temperature in order for it to vaporize. 

Due to the nature of the cannabis concentrate/extract they are prone to flare-ups so when smoking it’s best to be aware of this possibility and when it happens not to panic, just simply blow it out. Due to the higher temperatures it is also wise not to touch the nail of the dab-rig after smoking for an extended period of time to give it time to cool. When pulling the smoke through the pipe, it is also best to pause before inhaling the vapor into your lungs in order to give the vapor itself a moment to cool before it enters your body.

Another way to enjoy marijuana diamonds is to mix them in with buds to raise the level of potency to your favorite flowers by crushing the cannabis diamonds into a powder and adding it on top of a packed bowl, pipe, or into a joint. 

Because cannabis diamonds are a concentrate, they contain a much higher dose of THCa and therefore are much more potent than regular flowers. You only need a very small amount to feel the effects, which will still be stronger and last longer than a normal smoking session might otherwise provide. A piece about the size or smaller than a grain of rice is about where you want to start if you’ve never smoked concentrates before.  This allows you to smoke less at a time and less often than you otherwise would while still getting the same or stronger effects. Concentrates are best for smokers with a higher tolerance, or for those who use it medicinally.

What makes cannabis diamonds different from other concentrates?

Diamonds are the most potent of CBD or THCa cannabis concentrates, which due to their purity, take on a crystalline structure making them resemble crystals or marijuana diamonds. Concentrates in general have been known to have a potency range from 50% to 90% and will depend on the variables involved during the processing phase and the desires of the processor, whereas THCa diamonds typically range between 97% and 99% potency.

How potent are THC diamonds?

THCa diamonds, because of their purity will reach a potency range between 97% and 99% compared to other concentrates which may range between 50% and 90% potency. This is due in part to the extended processing and time it takes to make them in which the crystals can form. This is also the reason why crystals are usually more expensive than other concentrates or extracts. 

How to smoke THC diamonds?

THC diamonds can be smoked in a variety of ways, the most popular of which would be to dab them using a dab-rig. This involves a dab-rig which is a special water pipe designed for extracts and concentrates. You may alternatively crush the marijuana diamonds and add the powder to a pipe, bowl, or joint to add an extra potency to what you’re smoking. 

If you or someone you know are interested in trying diamonds and want a reliable, safe source, Dripp has the best diamonds on the market.

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